Ara Chackerian Funding Health Companies

Ara Chackerian is a successful investor who has helped numerous companies become successful. Although he owns his own company, he also invests capital in new business opportunities. He primarily focuses on the medical industry. Over the past few years, the medical industry has changed greatly. Many people simply want additional healthcare options for the future. With the cost of care increasing at a rapid rate, Ara Chackerian believes that the medical field is a great place to start a company.


Ara Chackerian went to college at Florida State University. He made a lot of friends while he was in school. He also received quality mentorship from leaders in the business world. He graduated with a degree in marketing and immediately started working in the corporate world.

He quickly decided that he did not enjoy working for a large company. Instead, he wanted to own his own company. Without any prior experience, he started a small business. He had to struggle for many years, but he did have success making the company profitable.

Angel Investing

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor who looks for companies that are just starting out. Investing in new companies is extremely risky. There are many examples of Ara Chackerian losing money on his investments. However, he enjoys the process of analyzing new companies. He also likes giving advice to new business owners. He remembers how difficult it was to succeed in the early stages of a new business. You can search on Google for more.

Giving Back to Others

With his wealth, Ara Chackerian wants to positively impact other people. He gives time and money to various charities that he believes in. He plans to spend more time and money on charities in the coming years. He firmly believes that successful business owners should use their resources to help other people throughout the world.

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Medical inventions facilitated by Saad Saad

Saad Saad wanted to become an engineer when he was growing up. Several years later, the doctor is happy that he decided to change his career path so that he could assist young people dealing with any kind of illness. Saad is a respected pediatric surgeon who is currently living in America. Although he came from a low-income family, Saad has done his best to make a living for his family. The doctor went to live in America more than forty seven years ago, and he has managed to live a very fulfilling life. The physician is always looking for better ways of ensuring that the procedures in the medical profession are effective to the people getting treatment. Saad has always challenged the other doctors in the world to go an extra mile so that they can reduce the pain of the patients and the risk they have during treatment. In his forty decade career in surgery, the doctor has managed to perform thousands of complicated surgeries, and he has also saved many lives. While serving as a doctor in America, Saad has introduced the following medical procedures:

Catheter that has Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device
Catheters in the medical world have so many functions. Doctors use these tubes so that they can insert into the human body to treat a wide range of conditions or some time help when performing a surgery. These instruments assist when the doctor wants to drain excess fluids and gasses. There are some special catheters that can be left to stay in the human body permanently or temporarily. Due to the amount of experience Saad has acquired in the medical profession, the doctor has created a device that easily assists the doctors to locate a catheter that has been inserted in the body of a patient. Patients do not have to undergo complicated medical procedures to get the catheters in their body.

The medical doctor has also devised a special equipment to assist doctors when accessing their equipment in the body of a patient. Saad says that he chose to invent these equipment several years ago because he wanted the best for the patients who are forced to undergo surgery because of their conditions. His inventions have benefited so many doctors who want to save the life of their patients in the best and most practical way. It is easy to avoid scans and other medical procedures when locating a catheter that has been inserted into the body. Saad is happy because his devices have assisted very many people in the world. Many people from all over the world have used his inventions to make their surgeries successful, and they owe all their success to Saad Saad. Learn more:

Study And Case Of Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is a director of the functions and programs concerning the Institute of Ismaili studies as a dental hygienist where he worked on the teeth of patients and clients who had trouble with their dental health. He also stands, leads, and coordinates what goes on in those specific areas where the institutions are actively up and running.

He has also obtained a role at Sussex Health Care as Joint Chairman where he and the staff offer nursing services as needed to the individual client’s medical situation. Shafik Sachedina has received many awards concerning his work with the health care systems he is in charge of and responsible to. These include his two terms as the president of the Ismaili Council which is located in the United Kingdom, and being an active associate and member of Aga Khan development network community where further contributions have been made to society at large.

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Shafik Sachedina attended school at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental University in London where he was able to practice his art of being a dentist to suffering clients with dental health issues three years after he graduated from the institution. It is also where he possessed qualification’s as a certified and accredited dental surgeon in the area of London.

Shafik Sachedina’s work experience is undoubtedly interesting as this man has held many position’s as a chairman of FOCUS, which is a humanitarian assistance international committee engaged to help the community as deemed necessary. He is also a member of the institution’s board of governors as a leading body, which is somewhat allusive to his other leading roles attributed to his work at Sussex Health Care, the Institute of Ismaili Studies, the Aga Khan development network community, and FOCUS. All of these thus contribute to his vocational experience and life work, and thus conclude in detail the study and case of Shafik Sachedina.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Details The Retirement Of Lazaro Brandao

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the current president of Bradesco has announced the incoming of the new president among many other changes in leadership on the horizon in 2018. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme confirmed the newly appointed president Octavio de Lazari Junior, who is currently the Vice President, and will step down from Bradesco’s Executive Board. Octavio de Lazari Junior was not the favorite of the seven Vice Presidents considered for the new position. Octavio de Lazari Junior has a very impressive background and has the confidence of the bank to be able to continue the banks positive projection and withheld its position in the banking sector.

Octavio de Lazari Junior began his career with Bradesco in 1978, and in became the Director in the credit division of Bradesco in 1998. Octavio de Lazari Junior was appointed Director of Loans and Financing in 2010, and was appointed to the Board of Director Officers in 2012. In 2017 Mr. Octavio de Lazari Junior would become Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Seguros (Insurance).

Lazaro Brandao announced his resignation plans to the board and this was confirmed by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Lazaro Brandao will be walking away from a 75 year career with Bradesco. Lazaro Brandao served 27 years on the council. With the very long career of Lazaro Brandao, his retirement was expected, however it was not expected to be so soon. Considering the recent acquisition of HSBC by Bradesco, Lazaro Brando extended the presidential age limit from 65 to 67.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, also noted the new Vice President will be Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues has been working with Bradesco since he was 13 years old. Now that Octavio de Lazari Junior has been appointed Bradesco’s new president, will be removed from the Bradesco’s Executive Body. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi noted they are keeping with the culture of Bradesco, to hire from within and encourage upward mobility.

During the transition period Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be both the Vice President of the council and Chairmanship of Bradesco’s Board of Directors until the AGO meeting in March. The AGO is the Ordinary General Assembly, and it is during these meetings the new president will be announced. The Central Bank mandates the announcement of the new president be made 30 days before the AGO meeting.

Lazaro Brandao’s resignation will be missed, leaving vacancies in the Vice President of the Board of Directors and the Executive President, suggested Bradesco’s board be extended and there should be serious discussion addressing this, but not at this coming AGO meeting. Lazaro Brandao also stated concerning the current Brazilian economy, is a result of the current political turmoil, and lack of unity according to Lazaro Brandao feels the only way to reform the economic situation is to focus on labor reform, while this is a hard and long road, it is necessary to get back on track.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, is more optimistic about the future of the economy in Brazil, and the focus should be on the family. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also feels the credit sectors in Brazil should improve as a result of the recent increase in Brazil’s GD.

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Madison Street Capital Wins Advisor of The Year

M&A Advisor declared the recipients of its 16th M&A Advisor Award on Monday, November 13th 2017 at the M&A Advisory Award Gala at Metropolitan Club in New York City. Madison Street Capital was winner of Debt Financing Deal of the Year due to advising the transaction with WLR Automotive. Madison Street Capital won out of over 600 company participants to win the award.



Madison was also in the finals for the Investment Banking firm of the Year award as well as well as Financial Transaction of the Year Award


The M&A Gala is the leading event of the year for the premier M&A dealmakers in the industry. It was held in combination with M&A Advisors 2017 Summit featuring hundreds of the industry’s best M&A specialists participating in private interactive panels led by over 30 media, industry, M&A, media, and academic experts. As well as the announcing of the M&A Advisor Award recipients, Robert Blumenfeld, Executive Director at ACG of New York won the Tom Farrell Memorial Award and Ceasar Anquillare, CEO and chairman of Winchester Capital, won the Leadership of 2017 Award.



Madison Street Capital isn’t just a multinational investment banking company, its a firm that is devoted to excellence, service, leadership, and integrity in providing corporate financial advising services, acquisition and merger expertise, valuation services and financial opinions to privately and publicly held companies. These services place their clients in a position of success in the international marketplace. While undertaking every new outline, the client’s objectives and goals become of utmost importance. Their services range from successful capital raising and M&A transactions and transfers of ownership to financial advisory. Madison Street Capital sees developing markets as a core element driving global growth in their clients, so they focus major attention on those markets. Their firm earned the confidence of their clients globally due to their unwavering commitment to the greatest levels of industry standards. Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago and has been in operation for over 12 years.


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Meeting The Architectural Challenges Of The 21st Century: Robert A. Ivy

Robert Ivy has been the CEO of the American Institute of Architects since 2011. His work in helping architects see outside the box is impressive. The world is changing in many ways. Ivy has a keen understanding that architecture as a whole has to reflect these changes. It is important that the AIA’s rich legacy isn’t forgotten but enhanced. The challenges that many new architects face are to create environments that are sustainable and provide for the public health.

The main factors that decide how sustainable a building will be are its design and materials. Robert Ivy believes that architecture can have a great impact on public health. Design features have always taken into consideration the functionality of space. Ivy cites that design features can promote wellness by allowing open space, providing exercise spaces and access to clean air and water.

Building materials are also considered when designing a new building or restoring existing buildings. Research has shown that there are non-toxic substances that can be used in new buildings effectively. Restoration methods are also seen and addressed by the AIA.

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The fact is that architects no longer work in a vacuum. Making other professionals aware of how they can connect to create a new building or restore an old building is only one facet of the work promoted by Robert Ivy. Ivy believes that by making these connections architects can meet the ongoing design challenges and provide good services for the public at large. One of the goals that Ivy hopes to accomplish in his role as Executive Vice President and CEO of AIA is to create a better public awareness of what architects can do.

Robert Ivy’s main focus is on public health. He believes that design can make a huge difference in how the public reacts to the atmosphere. For example, a design that provides adequate sunlight may increase attention spans. Designs can also encourage walking and accessibility to alternate means of transportation. Ivy cites that architectural students can learn from medical students to incorporate designs that encourage healthy living.

There is now the ability for architectural students to combine medical issues with design protocols to create a new combination of public health initiatives. These programs provide the training architects need to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Ivy’s leadership has provided architects with the tools they need to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Recently, Robert Ivy received Alpha Rho Chi’s Master Architect designation, an incredibly prestigious honor that has never before been bestowed upon a 21st century architect.

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Securus Technologies Ensuring Contraband Phones Stay Away From Prison

The law enforcement and correctional agencies have tried various means to put an end to the use of contraband phones inside the prison, but have failed time and again. The inmates are always one step ahead and have found ways to get access to contraband phones. The use of contraband phones is directly linked to the increase in crime rate in that particular region as many of the criminals tend to control their criminal network from inside the prison.


Many of the violent incidents inside the prison facilities are also found to have been coordinated using the contraband phones. If the usage of contraband phones is not stopped at the earliest, the crime rate will continue to increase, which is a massive issue for the law enforcement sector. The only way one can be confident that the contraband phones won’t be used inside the prison is by the use of technology. Many companies have tried in vain to develop a technology that would stop the use of contraband phones inside the prison, but Securus Technologies is the only such company that is successful in doing so.


Securus Technologies recently launched the only wireless containment system, which is a technology that would shield the prison facility and ensure that no illegal communication passes through. The Wireless Containment System would work as a filter to ensure that only the authorized connection is allowed to pass through it. The Wireless Containment System would work in conjunction with the other network carriers to ensure that the contraband phones cannot connect to the commercial networks from inside the prison. It is a system that has proven to be highly useful, and in the eight facilities that the wireless containment solution was installed, it managed to stop over 1.7 million unauthorized communications using contraband phones within a year. It is a massive success for the wireless containment system by the Securus Technologies.


The effectiveness of wireless containment system has been able to impress the FCC as well, which recently announced that it would reduce the number of formalities required to start using the wireless containment system at the earliest. The FCC aimed this directive to ensure that more and more correctional facilities can install the wireless containment system without delay.


The contraband phones’ use is increasing at a drastic pace and it can be seen in the fact that recently an inmate from the Evans Correctional Institution made a video from a contraband phone and posted it on Facebook. It shocked the entire nation as it showcased how easy it is for the inmates to get their hands on contraband phones even in the most secured correctional facilities. Robert Johnson, a former correctional officer, is working as a consultant with Securus Technologies to ensure wireless containment system is full-proof and highly effective in keeping contraband phones at bay from the prison.



Obsidian Energy Plans Growth For Coming Years

The oil industry is booming in various parts of the world. With new technology available, oil companies can now produce more oil than ever before. More people around the world are purchasing vehicles. New vehicles will only increase the world’s demand for oil.

Obsidian Energy is a leading oil company in Canada. The company has worked hard to position itself as a leader in the field. Over the past few years, the company has expanded and purchased smaller companies. The leaders of Obsidian Energy have plans to continue developing the company in the future.

The company was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


Environmental Issues


Obsidian Energy is located in Canada. The government of Canada wants to limit the environmental impact that oil companies make. Several oil companies have pledged to reduce emissions in the coming years.

Obsidian Energy is working on several alternative energy projects. The company wants to develop alternative energy products to increase sales and profits. Many people in Canada are willing to spend more money on clean energy to help the environment.




The oil drilling industry is heavily reliant on financing. Starting an oil company takes a tremendous amount of capital. Many oil companies have high levels of debt. Obsidian Energy is actively paying down debt to reduce future financial risks. Paying down debt is a smart financial move with the current levels of economic growth. See This Page for additional information.


Future Plans


The leaders of Obsidian Energy are excited about the future. Not only is the oil industry booming, but Obsidian Energy has several new growth opportunities. Solar energy looks like a massive financial opportunity for the company. Solar panels have significantly decreased in cost over the past few years. Solar energy is an excellent opportunity for customers to save money on electricity while helping the environment. Some investors are starting to invest money in Obsidian Energy.



Jose Hawilla Brazilian Sports Marketing Mogul

Jose Hawilla a Brazilian businessman,known for his role as the owner of Traffic, one of the leading Brazilian sports marketing companies, was born in the state of São Paulo. Now a successful man his journey to success was not always so sure. Jose can remember back when he began the looks of uncertainty he received when he would tell others that he would make a living in football.

Now he is one of the most powerful influencers in all of Brazil.As the owner of Rede Globo affiliates, he controls a vast new network agency that penetrates far and wide in the country of Brazil.

For 10 years Jose worked as a radio and television reporter. Starting from the bottom he worked his way up first appearing as a commentator on the Rede Globo network. He is now the owner of the network. During his career, he covered everything from Formula 1 events to the world Olympics. However, in 1979 his journalistic career came to an end when he became head of sports in São Paulo of the Rede Globo network.

He was eventually fired form this position for participating in a strike which would later limit his professional opportunities. This is when Jose realized he should run his own business. Jose along with three partners then proceeded to purchase Traffic. At First advertising across the nation at bus stops it was not long before his company grew and was selling spots in national stadiums. The company grew so much as to have brokered a contract with Nike to sponsor the Brazilian national team.

As of September 2013, Jose Hawilla announced that the newspaper Diário de S. Paulo and the titles of the Good Day Communications Network for Cereja Comunicação Digital would be put up for sale.

Jose Hawilla continues to support the national interests in sports and to be the best father he can to his three children as well as a great husband to his beautiful wife.

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National Steel Car’s CEO, Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car has had a long and storied past. This manufacturer of rolling stock and freight cars located in Hamilton, Ontario, is now one of the best in quality in all of North America. The company has contracts with almost every major railroad, and its products can be seen rolling along tracks from California to Newfoundland. However, many people don’t know that this company almost went out of business in the early 1990s due to poor management and economic conditions. Luckily for National Steel Car, its savior, Gregory James Aziz, was right around the corner.


Gregory J. Aziz has made a name for himself in business by becoming a savvy investor and a strong businessman with the gift of intuition. Right out of from Ridley College and later after joining Western University. Aziz saved his family business, Affiliated Foods, and turned it from a local institution into an international conglomerate. Now, he was going to do the same thing with National Steel Car.


Right out of the gate, Greg Aziz knew that the prior management had essentially run the entire company into the ground. When times got tough, instead of flushing capital into the business and trying to beat out the competition in terms of quality, the prior owners decided to strip capital from the business and focus on a low-cost strategy. It was clear that these owners were not focused on the long-term of the company, but only wanted to regain their investments. Now, Aziz was going to undo this mistake. However, National Steel Car had already lost so many customers that things looked hopeless. All he could do was try. See This Page for additional information.

Greg Aziz put forth a new business strategy to focus on engineering and creating new designs for cars that increased their quality and safety. Over the past several years, new safety standards had come out from regulators, and many railroads now were willing to pay more to ensure they would not have to make another investment in a few years. Aziz made sure they knew that NSC was now focused on quality, and customers started to come back. To keep up with demand, Gregory James Aziz increased the production capacity from only about 3,600 cars per year to over 12,000 by flushing more cash into the business. He also hired over 2,000 additional workers to help with the additional demand.

National Steel Car got to where it is today through the business acumen and knowledge of Gregory J. Aziz. Without him, the entire industry would be different, and National Steel Car would be nothing but a memory.


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