Free Advertising for Lime Crime

The makeup industry is an intense niche choice to begin with for many entrepreneurs. Most have to invest millions of dollars in order to make it in the industry. Back in 2008, Doe Deere, whose real name is Xenia Vorotova, began a little company called Lime Crime. One thing nobody can deny about the brand: a sensation was born that year.


By 2009, she was a sensation and had created quite the talk in the make-up blogging community. It seems her ability to sell pigments was a popular blogging subject that everyone that knew about make-up, was blogging about extensively.


The main thing that was up for discussion was her amazing over-night success with pigments and the ability to sell them with such good taste. It’s not even a new concept. Pigments have been repackaged for years in the industry. There was just something about the way that Lime Crime packaged it all together. People were starting to take notice.


Then she began to handle certain bloggers that were posting unfavorable things about her in a very professional way. She addressed the problem on point, and did not mince her words about the need to retract negative blog posts about her product. No matter what age the person might be. That made her product line immensely popular in the blog scene. Suddenly everyone was writing about her product line and her personality as well. Nobody could ever3 ask for more attention if they tried than to have a bunch of pre-pubescent and adult beauty bloggers ranting about their products. She was a total hit.


This type of media campaign normally costs millions of dollars to start. All she had to do was be her little old self. It was a stunning scene to watch. People tuned in every day to see what other scandal as things had been written about Lime Crime and the lady that made it all come to be.


Accounts were popping up left and right online just to discuss the pigments that Lime Crime had released. Even though it seemed like they might be haters, the reserve reaction happened. Sales went through the roof. I don’t know about you, but if it was my company, I might just be inclined to feel that it is a good thing to have all of that attention bringing in sales for free.


It is funny how little haters think about the positive effects their hate posts bring to a new niche in any business. In the cosmetic industry, though, this was a goldmine. It was a good thing for Lime Crime.


The last big scandal was over the release of a product called “China Doll.” Haters disliked the lack of cultural sensitivity and the fact that the model is not wearing authentic Chinese clothing. All manner of problems was alluded to. Still, Doe Deere took it all fabulously in stride. After all, the last media blitz had made her a fortune. Why wouldn’t this? Perhaps it was even done on purpose.

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Clearabee Can Take Care of Your Needs

Clearabee is your rubbish removal solution. They are an accredited rubbish removal service that will work around you to get your rubbish removed. They are also the largest man and van rubbish removal service in the London area with a fleet of 65 vehicles and a staff count of 165.


Clearabee began its rubbish removal services in 2013 with just one vehicle in the Northampton area before relocating to the Birmingham area just outside of London. They now offer national coverage and have never subcontracted so you can be confident that your rubbish will always end up at a properly licensed facility.


Clearabee introduced its beebag skip bag service in 2016 and it comes with free next day delivery, same day collection, and even the option to put your skip bag in the most convenient location for you.


The Beeloyal program was introduced in 2017 and offers its customers a 10% discount on all qualifying orders so that their service is even more affordable to its customers.


Clearabee is open 7 days a week for your convenience and you can schedule a rubbish removal service anytime of the day or nigh t on their website. they also provide their rubbish removal services on weekends as well as the day or night. They staff only trained and professional employees and are a convenient and affordable way to take care of your rubbish. They can take care of any job-whether big or small and can service residential homes as well as businesses.


Arthur Becker is a man of many tastes

Arthur Becker is a man of many tastes. He has an office that operates as a real estate business and an art gallery. Mr. Becker made all the art in the gallery. He has invested in several real estates. One is a 16-story condo owned by Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities. Mr. Becker will have his first chance of going solo on a project that is close to his office. It is an eight-unit condo building that will sell for 52.5 million dollars. Not only does he have interests in real estate, but also in other things as well. According to The Real Deal, he has an interest in binoculars, ancient currencies from Africa, money Origami, and macadamia nuts from Hawaii, Magic 8 Balls, paperweights that he collected from travels and gave to him by his mother, restoring 18th-century houses, and real estate. For the future, Mr. Becker wants to speed forward into real estate.

Currently, Arther Becker is the CEO of a publishing company called Zinio, LLC. He started his journey after business school restoring houses. They were 18th-century houses. He started on barns, and then worked up to houses. Then in 2001, Mr. Becker pursued employment as managing director at a technology company called Madison Technology Group LLC. In 2002, Mr. Becker joined Atlantic Investors, LLC. In that same year, he became the CEO of a technology company called NaviSite.

According to NY Daily News, in 1972, Mr. Becker acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Bennington College. He majored in ceramics and photography. Mr. Becker continued to do some photography in the 1990’s. Mr. Becker’s photos had a likeness of paintings with textures. His main focus in art now is on the meaning of currency. In 1974, Mr. Becker also acquired a Master’s Degree in Business at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He has two grown daughters.

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How has Success Academy boosted success for children from low-income families?

Success Academy, a New York-based charter network, is known around the country for its ability to boost the educational success of children from low-income families and children of color.


In the 11 years it has been in existence, children who attend Success Academy charter schools have tested as some of the best educated in the state when it comes to English, Math and Science. In 2016, children of color from Success Academy schools did better on state tests than did white children, and children that were from low-income families did better than those from the middle-class or higher.


How has Success Academy achieved these remarkable results? By making education fun, and by changing the way their students learn.


The way Success Academy teaches children — Success Academy students are taught in an environment that is high energy and where education is treated as ‘fun’.


Their classes every day consist of 80 minutes of traditional instruction followed by the rest of the day of hands-on learning and working in groups. Emphasis is placed on subjects like English, Math and Science, but art, culture, and even subjects like chess and dance are looked at as equally important.


Students are also taught to think for themselves, to be independent in the way they learn and to have good critical thinking skills.


All of this has created a network of charter schools that many parents in New York are now clamoring to get their children into, and a way of teaching that also includes the parents in almost everything the children do.


Parent involvement is key — Success Academy is also very well aware of how important parent involvement is in a child’s education. So it mandates, if a child is accepted into one of their charter schools, parents must also commit to being involved.


That involvement includes coming to parent teacher conferences, being on the Parent Council, volunteering to be a chaperone on a school trip and generally supporting their child in every activity they participate in.


With all of these things, Success Academy has boosted the education of children from low-income families to such an extent, they now have the same chance at a higher education as do those children from wealthier families.