Roberto Santiago Says the Brazilian Mall Industry does not see any Deceleration

Roberto Santiago of Manaira Shopping located in João Pessoa, says that the mall industry in Brazil does not see any slowing due to the recent economic crisis. He points out that the industry displayed a healthy growth of 6.5% in the year 2015. The greatest example of the growing business of shopping industry is the continuous expansion plans of Manaira Shopping in the recent years, under the leadership of Santiago. A census conducted by the Abrasce showed that there are 538 shopping centers in the country with another 30 are in the process of construction. This displays the strength of the sector along with the potential for growth in the coming years.


The survey also showed that more than 1 million people are working in the shopping mall industry. Interestingly, it gave jobs to more than 54,000 people in the year 2015. Santiago says that Northeast region of Brazil is the second hottest mall industry in the country after the Southeast. Interestingly, the state of Paraíba, by the support of Manaira Shopping, displays the strength of the industry, recreating and impacting the development of the area in terms of leisure and sales. The shopping mall of Santiago is one of the major commercial centers in the state and has one of the biggest leasable areas with more than 75,000 square meters.


According to marketing experts, the mall itself is reinventing for a growth-oriented future. The Manaira currently has a college, multipurpose space, gymnasium, and concert hall, by the visionary leadership of Santiago. The confidence of mall owners is also playing a vital role in expansion plans of malls and aggressive marketing strategies. In a recent survey, at least 40% entrepreneurs showed a confidence of growth percent over 5%. More than 60% people think that the economic crisis would not affect their business. Rafaela Barros, the manager at Manaira, confirms that these numbers are critical, and it is a pointer towards the stability of the industry. She says that the shopping industry would only advance in the coming years and contribute to the need for the development of the sector.


Roberto Santiago founded Manaira Shopping in the year 1989 in the capital city of Paraíba. Since then, it has gone through at least five major expansion plans due to the surge of visitors to the mall year after year. Currently, it offers entertainment, shopping, services, food, and more. It has an 11 screen Cinépolis multiplex that offers quality movie watching experience with stadium system, VIP cinema, and more. It has a game station with more than 200 gaming machines with different games offer a new world of entertainment. The mall hosts various services including banking, driver’s license, job, public defender, police register, cell phone, sewing, barber shop, flowers, gifts, and more.