Securus Technologies Ensuring Contraband Phones Stay Away From Prison

The law enforcement and correctional agencies have tried various means to put an end to the use of contraband phones inside the prison, but have failed time and again. The inmates are always one step ahead and have found ways to get access to contraband phones. The use of contraband phones is directly linked to the increase in crime rate in that particular region as many of the criminals tend to control their criminal network from inside the prison.


Many of the violent incidents inside the prison facilities are also found to have been coordinated using the contraband phones. If the usage of contraband phones is not stopped at the earliest, the crime rate will continue to increase, which is a massive issue for the law enforcement sector. The only way one can be confident that the contraband phones won’t be used inside the prison is by the use of technology. Many companies have tried in vain to develop a technology that would stop the use of contraband phones inside the prison, but Securus Technologies is the only such company that is successful in doing so.


Securus Technologies recently launched the only wireless containment system, which is a technology that would shield the prison facility and ensure that no illegal communication passes through. The Wireless Containment System would work as a filter to ensure that only the authorized connection is allowed to pass through it. The Wireless Containment System would work in conjunction with the other network carriers to ensure that the contraband phones cannot connect to the commercial networks from inside the prison. It is a system that has proven to be highly useful, and in the eight facilities that the wireless containment solution was installed, it managed to stop over 1.7 million unauthorized communications using contraband phones within a year. It is a massive success for the wireless containment system by the Securus Technologies.


The effectiveness of wireless containment system has been able to impress the FCC as well, which recently announced that it would reduce the number of formalities required to start using the wireless containment system at the earliest. The FCC aimed this directive to ensure that more and more correctional facilities can install the wireless containment system without delay.


The contraband phones’ use is increasing at a drastic pace and it can be seen in the fact that recently an inmate from the Evans Correctional Institution made a video from a contraband phone and posted it on Facebook. It shocked the entire nation as it showcased how easy it is for the inmates to get their hands on contraband phones even in the most secured correctional facilities. Robert Johnson, a former correctional officer, is working as a consultant with Securus Technologies to ensure wireless containment system is full-proof and highly effective in keeping contraband phones at bay from the prison.