Taking A Second Look At Snapchat… A TeenSafe Rundown for Parents!

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you may have heard of them. These websites have become an everyday part of society, especially for teenagers. However, it is now time to add another social media platform to the lineup. This cellular application goes by Snapchat, an instant messaging, photo, and video sharing form of communication. TeenSafe is here to help you understand what it is, how it works, and strategies to keep your teen protected!

Snapchat is a downloadable application for iPhones and Androids. Once downloaded, all you need is an email address and password to begin adding friends, sending pictures and videos, and instant messaging. TeenSafe asked users, ages thirteen to twenty-three, what they mainly use Snapchat for; the answers mainly consisted of sending funny pictures and videos of everyday life. What makes Snapchat unique from the other platforms however is time. The photos and videos have a ten-second viewing limit and then poof! They disappear and become inaccessible to view again, or do they?

At TeenSafe, our mission is to keep the youth of today safe and secure. With any online social media platform, the risks of bullying increase immensely and Snapchat is no different. The time limit of the content has introduced a way for bullies and predators to send inappropriate or hurtful subject matter that can disappear without a trace. There are also reports of using Snapchat to send sexual content. Teenagers are more likely to sext using Snapchat because they believe the pictures or videos disappear. Users have found a way around the short-lived content through screenshots. This has led to multiple instances of blackmail and bullying.


TeenSafe is dedicated to continually providing you with tips to keep your family protected. Snapchat has worked to improve the security of their application. The app allows you to block other users, report inappropriate activity, and keep your account hidden from the public. Hiding your teens account from the public would only allow them to only add friends they knowing trust. With Snapchat privacy settings improving and TeenSafe’s suggestions your teenagers will be guarded against unwanted encounters.