Johanan Rand: Healthy Aging Program for Seniors

Johanan Rand is the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Center. The center treats patients ailing from all the impacts of aging. Johanan Rand is located in West Orange, New Jersey. The blend of therapies that work together to produce more fabulous results than any other treatment makes the system that was developed by Johanan revolutionary. The center maintains the highest standards of care to its patients by carefully reviewing every single medical procedure. Johanan went to the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York to get his training.


Johanan founded the clinic, Healthy Aging Medical Center after he got a board certification in the field of anti-aging medicine, functional medicine, and regenerative medicine. The way the facility is organized and functions mirror the vision of his entire life’s work. At the clinic, patients can expect to get a private wellness program tailored to address their specific medical issues. This program includes a detailed medical evaluation, which will, in turn, help the doctor in designing the right care program for the individual.


For a patient to get the result that they expect Johanan Rand treats the aging at its source. This might include modifying their diet intake that may have mounted up over a long period of time. However, this process can be a bit hard to those patients that have tried to lose weight by adjusting their eating habits but have been unsuccessful.


The first step in the patient education program entails teaching the patient about the relationship between the hormonal levels in their bodies and how they are affecting their rate of aging. This education enhances the communication between the doctor and the patient. Johanan Rand is always keen to explain to his patients how the hormonal levels in their bodies change when they continue to age.


Most of the patients who come to the clinic suffer from acute pain which makes Johanan use epidural injections, steroids injection, anti-inflammatory medicines and medical acupuncture. The greater public is assured that Johanan Rand is proficient in utilizing the various treatment methods, thanks to his credentials. Johanan has years of experience in developing methods of weight loss and believes in treating the main cause of a problem instead of the symptoms.