Victoria Doramus Is A New York City-Based Philanthropist Who Focuses On Helping Recovering Addicts


Victoria Doramus is a philanthropist who calls New York City her home. She serves her community as an addiction expert, and she learned the ropes through kicking her own addiction some years ago. In 2011, she tried rehab in Arizona but ended up relapsing after leaving the program. She cites her lack of comprehending the true nature of addiction for her relapse. After this, she went on to work many different jobs and moved to many different locations. This didn’t work for her, and it was in 2016 that she realized she needed to truly address the underlying problems in her life.

Victoria Doramus attended a 60-day rehab in the state of Connecticut and felt ready to do anything to get her life back. She has spoken about the importance of dedicating her life to getting better, and she believes this is what most addicts must do. According to Doramus, many addicts continue to spiral out of control even when given the support and tools they need because they are simply not ready yet. Doramus relapsed once more after leaving Connecticut and ended up being homeless in Manhattan.

In 2017, Victoria decided that the Burning Tree treatment facility in Texas would be her last stop for rehab. The road was hard, but she gave her life over to her recovery and stayed there for 8 months. She got work waiting tables until she was ready to be on her own completely, and then she began her new life. Go Here for additional information.

Victoria Doramus now dedicates a good portion of her life to philanthropy and helping out charitable organizations she is passionate about. She has been involved with the Best Friends Animal Society, Room to Read, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and the Women’s Prison Association.

Victoria Doramus draws on her marketing and creative advertising backgrounds to help these organizations out. In the charity industry, these skills are very desired, so she has been able to help many different people. Doramus also continues to work with AA and hopes to be able to help other addicts and alcoholics just like she was helped. She is working towards opening an AA house in Manhattan in New York City.


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