New Auditorium Named For Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

At the young age of 15, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva decided that he wanted to enter the field of law. He pursued his dream at PUC-São Paulo where he earned his degree. He continued his studies at the school earning his masters and later on doctorate degress. He also graduated with a teaching degree in law. All of these credentials have made him a well sought after man. He brings to his practice an extensive knowledge base and uses that in his judicial court. He began working in the court system as first a substitute judge and then as a permanent member in 1983.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was recently honored by his Alma Mater when they built a new auditorium. The school, where he continues to teach to this day, named the auditorium after him because of his dedication to his craft. Attendees at the affair included many of his colleagues and his family. In his speech, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva noted that none of his accomplishments could have been done without their support. He stated that he felt very humbled by the honor.


He has published 13 books throughout his career and has over 40 articles of his printed in law journals. This is quite an accomplishment for a man from very humble beginnings. His wife and two daughters, who were present at the dedication ceremony, feel that his honesty and loyalty to his craft is what has brought him to where he is now. All of the speakers at the ceremony gave credit to Marco Antonio Marques da Silva for helping them in their careers as well. He has worked tirelessly with anyone who needs help.


Along with all of his business accomplishments, he is also known for the number of charities that he works with. He believes that he has a debt to repay to the community who helped him along his path. He works with underprivileged children in order to show them that they too can become successful. He knows that with study and patience, anyone can achieve their dreams and he is living proof of that.