Sharon Prince Combats Modern Slavery With The Grace Farms Foundation


Sharon Prince, chairperson of the Grace Farms Foundation, knows that there is an often overlooked problem facing the modern world. Although many countries do not allow actual slavery, human trafficking continues. Combating human trafficking is difficult. View Additional Info Here.

Non-governmental organizations typically do not have the resources to combat the problem directly. Even though NGOs cannot combat modern slavery directly, they can work with governments who do have the resources. Prince’s organization recently entered into an agreement with the government of Georgia, according to

Georgia entered into this agreement because the president wants to make sure the country becomes a modern, technologically advanced state within the next ten years. To do this the country must also make sure it follows other guidelines. One of the major problems the country has it’s what the Grace Farms Foundation refers to as modern slavery. Slavery is outlawed in Georgia, as it is in many other countries, but certain countries are known to be havens for human traffickers.

The new “Memorandum Of Understanding” means that the government pledges to hunt down and prosecute people engaging in modern slavery. While this does nothing to stop the practice in the places where it is still legal, it can hinder the activities of human traffickers in many different countries outside of Georgia.

Sharon Prince plans to continue her campaign to stop modern slavery and trafficking. She knows that the Grace Farms Foundation has a lot of work to do. Despite the amount of work she and her foundation have to do, she remains optimistic.


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