Reduce, Reuse and Recycle With Rick Cofer

Last Summer of 2018, the Residents of Austin were very disappointed and devastated when they found out that the single-use plastic bag ban was rejected by legal procedure. It became controversial since the Texas Supreme Court gave their final decision about it. The city of Austin has vowed to remain committed to the bag ban movement despite what the government may do or say about it. A perfect example of this is Rick Cofer. He continuously helped and spread awareness of the plastic bag ban in Austin.

Rick Cofer is known for being an extensive lawyer with a decade of experience being a prosecutor. He is the owner of the Rick Cofer Law LLC. Cofer has been very active and helpful to the community of Austin for how many years, he is known to serve different roles and has been the Chair of the city of Austin regarding their Zero Waste Commission. He was able to build an ordinance and ban on plastic bags. Today, he handles the role of the Vice Chair of the Parks and Recreation Board of Austin.

Bag Ban in Austin, Texas

The importance of recycling in parks has been emphasized by Rick Cofer Law and has implemented an increase in funding for parks, aquatics, and other lands. According to him, people in the city of Austin never fails to show their values when it comes to preserving the environment. As a criminal defense attorney, he understands all the legal nuances involved and is familiar and informed regarding the issue of plastic littering. The Solid Waste Advisory Commission is currently being served by him after the bag ban development.

Citizens of the city of Austin are concerned and a lawyer just like Rick Cofer started to construct a timeline regarding the bag ban for reports and a helpful tool for past and future events. They continue to make resolutions for single-use plastic bag reduction in order to cut waste. The primary objective to reduce and recycle which is why the city only limits the provided free bags for purchased items, no more and no less. The bags that will be provided are recyclable and reusable paper bags and plastic bags.

Through the use of a timeline, the reports that were shown did not meet the goals and objectives at first. However, there was progress and an increase in reduction of bags which is good. Various retail establishments of Austin are advised to use only a single non-compostable plastic bag. The city of Austin also helps promote reusable cloth bags and washable cloth bags as their alternatives. In addition to this, people also knew that most of the retailers in the city will only comply if and only if it was part of the law.