Vinod Gupta Rises To The Top


Vinod Gupta has made a name for himself in the world of business thanks to his level-headed style of leadership. His desire to champion advances in technology has placed him a step ahead of his peers. All his work is geared towards improving the industry, and the results can speak for themselves.


Although he was raised in the villages of India, Vinod Gupta is a prime example of not giving up on your dreams. Budding entrepreneurs can take notes from the seasoned who has grown his businesses from nothing to a vast empire. What kept him going over the years?


Vinod Gupta hails from Rampur Manhyaran, a village in India. His parents struggled to get by, but this did not stop him from giving his best in school. He earned a place at I.I.T. Kharagpur where he studied Agricultural Engineering. The Indian Air Force brought him on board in 1964, and he served them for three years and left as a Squadron Leader.


He moved to the US in pursuit of knowledge after the University of Nebraska awarded him a scholarship. He studied business administration at the postgraduate level without a dime to his name. That step was the beginning of great things that would follow. See This Article for additional information.


His first taste of employment came with Commodore Corp in 1971 where he served as a research analyst in the marketing department. At one point he needed to document all mobile home dealers in the country. Vinod Gupta took advantage of the daunting task to cash in on his resilience and impeccable organizational skills. The success of this venture resulted in the establishment of his first company, American Business Lists (ABL). A year later, he resigned from his full-time job to dedicate more time to his business engagements.


ABL experienced tremendous growth in the subsequent years and was later rebranded as infoUSA before going public as infoGroup. Vinod Gupta has maintained his dedication and currently runs Everest Group among other business ventures.


Vinod Gupta has a Medium post titled “My American Dream, And How You Can Dream, Too”, a post that offers insightful information on his struggles and achievements.




Vinod Gupta: Air Force To Business


Vinod “Vin” Gupta was born on the 4th of July sometime during the mid-40s. He was born in a village north of New Delhi a short distance from Saharanpur. Vin Gupta grew up with only basic needs of food, water, and shelter. The availability of electricity, good roads, constant running water, and normal toilets was but a luxury to him.

Around 1964, Vin Gupta joined the Indian Air Force and he became a Flying Officer in the Engineering Department. Vin Gupta left the Air Force after 3 years, in 1967 having served as the leader of the 14th Squadron. Following his simplistic high school education in one of the schools in the village, Vin Gupta was lucky enough to be able to join I.I.T.

Kharagpur, taking on a degree major in the field of agricultural engineering. Vinod graduated in the same year with a B.Tech degree. Following his graduation, Vin Gupta was granted a position and a graduate internship at the University of Nebraska in the Department of Agricultural Engineering, which by then was under the sole management of Professor Bill Splinter. Dr. Splinter who discovered Vinod Gupta while he was in India teaching temporarily.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska, Vin Gupta relocated to Omaha, and he was able to get work as a marketing analyst at Commodore Corporation; a manufacturer of mobile homes that has over 10 factories within the US.

During his tenure at the company, Vinod Gupta was assigned to analyze the performance of their competitors. To come up with a solution, Vin Gupta acquired the list of all the mobile home dealer companies within the US.

After he got this work, he began to feel as if he could do more and in light of this, he went to a bank and borrowed $100 which he used to print out the list he gave to his company for free, only this time, he sold it to all the rival companies and he got over 100% and that’s how he began his life in business! See This Article to learn more.


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