London Real Estate Developer Lee May Of Beamridge Reaches Out To Local Youth

The world of real estate is a high-stakes environment that competitors battling to be first to land big money deals. The industry is home to some of the biggest personalities seen anywhere and one of the most successful of these personalities is real estate developer Lee May of Beamridge.


The life of Lee May not only provides a wealth of instruction not only for his ability to prosper as a real estate developer but also the example he has set for giving back to his community.


There are few cities in the world with a more challenging environment for real estate where Lee May has based its operation. The factors that combine to make London so competitive is that the city has a large urban population but a limited area for development while its high-profile status attracts talented investors and developers from around the world.


In addition to mastering the highly competitive London real estate scene, Lee May has taken the same approach to international real estate markets. In one recent deal, Lee May and Beamridge joined their efforts with a firm in Hong Kong to close on a deal worth 380 million pounds. The deal served to put the world on notice that developers from London were ready to make their presence known in the world real estate community.


The full measure of Lee May cannot be observed completely through his work as, despite the full schedule resulting from his devotion to his real estate career, May never misses a chance to give back to indulge his passion for charitable pursuits.


One particular area of interest for May in his charitable pursuits is the development of the youth. May believes that it is important that members of society assure that all children are provided with the resources to reach their greatest potential.


Lee May is also an avid boxing fan and a practitioner of the sport. He can often be found at local gyms interacting with young trainees in the sport and providing encouragement and advice in life matters.


Lee May and Beamridge have committed considerable financial resources to these youth boxing group and recently planned a 100k race to benefit the Nemesis Boxing Club to the tune of 20,000 pounds.