Jose Hawilla and Preparing for Entreprenuer Competition

The business of being an entrepreneur is something that a lot of people have a desire to do, but it takes a bit of knowledge and expertise to become proficient in doing this. One of the biggest things that entrepreneurs do is get funding for the ideas that they have. This is where venture capitalists are coming into place. An entrepreneur needs to have a great idea for a business, but they also need to have a great written business plan in place. Jose is someone that realizes the value of a great business plan. As an entrepreneur he has put forth an effort to make sure that he concentrates on business models that clearly show that there’s a possibility of making a profit.


Entreprenuers are going to need to have a great amount of knowledge about the ideas that they are presenting. They need to know exactly what it takes to make moves in an industry where adversaries are always looking for any opportunity to compete against your business. You always have to come equipped with the best possible business plan in order to make sure that you are getting the attention of the venture capitalist that have to decide between investing in you and investing and someone else. You can visit for more details.



Entrepreneurs also need to look around and see what the competition is doing before they put too much of their money and time into an idea that may be already part of a saturated market. Hawilla believes it is fine to have an idea that is similar to what others are doing, but you need to have a clear-cut idea about something that separates your business from the rest. If you have a business model that looks like everything else that is out there it is a great chance that you will find yourself taking a backseat to the veterans that are already in the industry.


Jose Hawilla knows that your adversaries can lead to your downfall if you are not prepared to handle them. He believes competitive spirits can adversely affect the way that you conduct your own business. To see more you can checkout




Mike Baur: Changing the dynamics of startups in Switzerland

Mike Baur is some of the emerging big names in the tech business industry in Switzerland. He is the founder of Swiss Startup Factory, which is a startup company that is mentoring new entrepreneurs with startup ideas in the country. The startup factory runs an incubator program which offers mentoring and coaching services as well as funding to ideas that prove to have great potential.


Mike Baur has been brilliant since he was young. The Wall Street says that he started his career in banking at the age of 16. By the time he left the banking sector, he had worked for more than 20years. He joined the UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) as an intern after completing his college education. He later proved to be very knowledgeable on financial matters and the management decided to offer him a long-term contract that would see him work for the bank for the rest of his life. At UBS he was appointed a financial advisor. In this role, he managed to offer financial advice to the wealthy and mighty in the Switzerland. In 2008, he left the bank effects of the 2008 global economic recession.


After leaving UBS, Mike Baur joined another bank in Zurich. He joined Clariden Leu, a bank that had been formed at the time following the amalgamation of different small banks. He worked for six years, until 2014, when he quit work in the banking sector and sought to try entrepreneurship.


In 2014, Mike Baur and a college mate Max Meister founded the biggest independently owned startups factory in Zurich. The idea to start this company came as a result of the observation he made while working in the banks. He witnessed that, many businesses were failing due to lack of knowledge and skills on the part of entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur noted that although many people wanted to seek financial freedom through entrepreneurship, most of them had not invested time and devotion to seeking the necessary knowledge first. He created the company to offer solutions to this problem.


The startup factory has a three-month program twice every year. Those who enroll in the program enjoy the advantages of meeting experts and experienced entrepreneurs with whom they could share their ideas. The entrepreneurs also have the advantage of being taught how to market their products alongside creating business creating business networks that can benefit their businesses in growth. On top of it all, Mike Baur provides rent-free offices for the business.


Louis Chenevert’s Successful Transition to Goldman Sachs

Upon graduating from the university, Louis R. Chenevert, a French Canadian began his career in Production Management. His journey started at St. Therese Production where he served as the General Manager for 14years. Louis then worked at General Motors and United Technologies Corporation (UTC) before joining Goldman Sachs where he is to date.

Louis Chenevert’s appointment as UTC CEO in 2006 came at a time where there was a recession that paralyzed top companies in the US. The economic conditions however, did not stop Chenevert from pursuing his goals for UTC. As UTC President and CEO, Louis attained approximately $100billion worth achievements in just a single year, a performance that takes an entire career for most CEO’s to achieve.

Under Chenevert`s tenure, UTC was able to settle an acquisition deal worth $18.4 billion after just one year of negotiations. Additionally, UTC won the lobby offered to manufacture a second alternate engine for US Air Force, making UTC the sole supplier of US F-35 engine.

In addition, Louis committed himself to invest in his employees’ development while at UTC through UTC`s Employee Scholar Program. To date, more than 40000 UTC employees have benefited from this program. Chenevert also had an excellent leadership style. He focused on picking the best potential projects, a principle he passed on to Gregory Hayes who is UTC`s current CEO. Under his tenure, UTC attained global expansion with their revenues growing to 60% at the time of his resignation.

On December 8th, 2014, Chenevert resigned from his position and Edward Kangas who was the Lead Independent Director took over. This resignation resulted into his appointment to his following position as an Exclusive Advisor in Merchant Banking Division at Goldman Sachs.

At Goldman Sachs, Chenevert plays an advisory role to the bank’s private-equity division and other businesses. Chenevert also targets opportunities in the aerospace and industrial sectors.