Jeff Herman: Defender of the Innocence and persecutor of Sexual Injustices

The Child Victims Act has been a matter of hot contention in the United States Senate for the better part of their term in office. The newest soldiers to join the fight have been an actor and activist Corey Feldman and a USA national team volleyball player Sarah Powers-Bernhard. They have formed a strong coalition tagging themselves as ‘New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators’. Their motive has received momentum and support from various strongholds who also want the Child Victims Act to finally pass as legislative action. The Senate bill which is sponsored by D-Manhattan, Brad Hoylman is aimed at eliminating all statutes of limitations when it comes to child sexual abuse cases in the state of New York. The bill would also allow that all civil action lawsuits no-matter the time filled be heard within a period of one year as opposed to the five-year time limit which is stipulated by the current statute of limitations.
Over recent years the Senate has passed different versions of the same bill, Linda Rosenthal recently wrote one. According to a Quinnipiac Poll done by the Senate Democrats, the bill is likely to go through as it has the support of over 90% of New Yorkers.
Jeff Herman is a well renown advocate in cases of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. He has the qualities anyone who has a sexual abuse trial in court would want to be represented by. He is both talented, passionate and skilled and has a massive streak of wins under his belt. Jeff Herman has devoted most of his time and resources including his law firm; Herman Law to the representation of victims of sexual abuse. Herman is a pioneer in the area of child abuse, having based his practice upon defending the innocence that has been defiled.
Jeff Herman is a founding partner at Herman Law. Herman has been at the helm of this fight exposing nationwide sexual predators for over a decade. He even won a milestone victory against Rev. Neil Doherty who was accused by his client for sexual abuse. Herman has made news headlines, exposing sexual scandals in the clergy and in large institutions shunning the accused and exposing them plus the institutions which tend to protect them. He is considered by many as a modern day hero.