Sam Jejurikar Does Plastic Surgeries And Other Life-Changing Procedures

Sam Jejurikar knew since he was young that he wanted to be involved in the medical field. He studied hard through high school with the hope of one day becoming a surgeon, and he was accepted into the University of Michigan. And, while he was taking classes there, he learned to love plastic surgery and the great work that could be done through it. He went on to the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute for his residency and learned from some great doctors there.

Sam Jejurikar is busy every day with people who come to him for surgeries and procedures and getting them done both in the operating room and his office. He spends his days talking with many people who want to have work done and doing follow-up appointments after surgeries. And he enjoys doing the actual surgeries themselves because he knows that he is making a difference for how someone looks. He makes sure to always talk with his patients about what they want from the surgeries, and he is always trying to use the most modern practices so that his patients will need as little recovery time as possible. He takes his time talking with each of his patients before they choose to have work done to make sure that they understand the procedure and what it means.

Sam Jejurikar is excited about learning more about non-surgical procedures, such as Botox. He wants to give his patients the option for that kind of procedure whenever possible. And, he says that one of the reasons why he has been able to be good at what he does is because of who he works with. His staff feels like family, and he makes sure to always pay them what they deserve. And, he gets their respect and cooperation because of that.

Paul Herdsman Helped Build NICE Global To Help Companies To Better Serve Their Customers


Paul Herdsman is the Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global, which is a nearshore customer service company that is headquartered in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He wears many different hats within his company and has been able to gather plenty of experience by dealing with all of the ins and outs of the business world.

Herdsman focuses most of his efforts on customer retention, developing companies, marketing, keeping customers happy, and human resources. He ensures that all of his staff members are fully trained so they feel confident about doing their job. He knows that the investment is well worth it, and he suggests that all companies should take care of their employees if they want to succeed.

Over the years, Paul Herdsman has worked to honestly evaluate himself in order to get a better idea of his own strengths. He knows the kinds of things that drive him and what areas of business he enjoys taking part in. By taking a closer look at himself and his own habits, he was able to start recognizing how to create a good customer service experience for the customers of any company he worked with. Read This Article for additional information.

Paul Herdsman eventually helped to create NICE Global when he realized he could make improving the customer service offerings of a company his life’s work. His company offers many different services that are connected to helping a company to run at its best. This helps them to have the time to be able to focus on growing their business, rather than having to continuously work on internal issues.

Paul Herdsman works with companies to help them set specific goals that they want to reach. After this, he helps them to accomplish these goals. Nice Global is also known for its amazing business culture, and this is something that Paul Herdsman is very proud of.


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A Few Business Lessons From Kimberly Quinlan Bakker


The San Francisco-born, Kimberly Quinlan Bakker grew up in Ross, Marin County. After graduating with honors from Santa Catalina High School, she enrolled for a business course in the University of Southern California in LA. While at the university, Kimberly worked as a volunteer teacher, besides serving in the Panhellenic Board as the women’s advocate.

Before establishing Kimberly Bakker Events – an events management company, she worked for major high-tech organizations in event production. Three years later, Kimberly Bakker events was contracted to work on the most notable sailing regatta, in San Francisco, The Moet Cup. Kimberly boasts of more than 15 years of experience in event planning, fundraising and public relations. Her other achievements include being a founding partner of Le Colonial restaurant. She delivered a successful launch of the well-known restaurant which resulted in the collection of over $5 million in revenue during the first year.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Kimberly Quinlan Bakker reveals a few things about herself. She developed her passion of event planning at a tender age. Kimberly has always loved celebrating the achievements, milestones and accolades of others. As a child, she would organize parties for honored guests including his brothers and animals. With the experience and skills she gathered working with several companies and organizations, alongside her passion, she gathered the confidence to begin her entrepreneurial journey.

Kimberly Bakker is not the kind that is scared of challenges. Instead, she sees them as source of motivation. She listens to her clients’ ideas and expectations, works on them and offers something they couldn’t think of even in their wildest imagination. Bakker believes in dreaming big, ensuring resourcefulness at all times and most importantly, she believes that everything is impossible.

The one trend that excites her is the discussions surrounding the legalization of cannabis and the influx of related products on the market. In some of her events, Kimberly Bakker incorporates cannabis bars where knowledgeable individuals enlighten the guests about the wide array of the cannabis products available and the associated benefits.

Kimberly insists on the importance of organization for every entrepreneur – and more so in event planning. For her, an organization means extensive lists because she cannot afford to miss any detail. Besides her calendar, she utilizes her phone’s organizational tool (mostly checklist in nature). When asked about the one strategy that has helped grow her business, Kimberly talks about offering the best customer service and going the extra mile for clients. Find Related Information Here.

For new mothers looking for inspiration and motherhood tips, Kimberly Bakker recommends a book titled ‘Mitten Strings for God’. She says that the book has come in handy in shaping her style of motherhood.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Childhood, Entrepreneurship, And


Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the biggest businessmen in China. Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and the current CEO of, China’s largest e-commerce company that is valued at $12 billion as of early 2018. He is known to be a business savvy man with intuition and flexibility that enabled him to reach success. Today, is known for its cutting edge technologies in retail, logistics, and innovative technologies.

Born in the town of Suqian in the Jiangsu Province in China, Richard Liu Qiangdong is the son of hard-working coal-shipping parents. Understanding the value of education, his parents encouraged him to take a proper education to become more successful in life and can do his endeavors. He decided to study Sociology in The People’s University of China and earned a Bachelor’s Degree. However, to improve himself and to broaden his skill sets, he learned computer programming during his free time at school.

Richard Liu Qiangdong found his first job in Japan Life, a natural supplement provider where he became the Director of Computers. Realizing that being an employee is not for him, he left Japan Life to begin his own business. Starting up a mortar-and-brick store, he sold magneto-optical products and focused on giving customer satisfaction through good customer service and ease of transaction. In addition, he only sold quality products and avoided counterfeits. Find More Information Here.

After five years of selling, he managed to build 12 branches and named it Jingdong. However, because of the SARS outbreak in 2003, his business almost ceases to exist. Deciding to follow the trend of online shopping, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to move his operations online and renamed Jingdong as 360Buy Jingdong, selling his magneto-optical products.

When his online platform started to thrive, offline businesses decided to make a partnership with him and use his platform to sell their products. Because of this development, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to rename the site to The products and partnership in grew and expanded throughout China within the years.

Time passed by with the continuing growth. In 2014, JD realized a new milestone, being the first China-based company to be publicly traded on NASDAQ. Big Tech companies like Google became JD’s shareholders. Now, held its first ever CES presentation in the latest CES. It just means that is still growing and taking the world by surprises.


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Victoria Doramus Is A New York City-Based Philanthropist Who Focuses On Helping Recovering Addicts


Victoria Doramus is a philanthropist who calls New York City her home. She serves her community as an addiction expert, and she learned the ropes through kicking her own addiction some years ago. In 2011, she tried rehab in Arizona but ended up relapsing after leaving the program. She cites her lack of comprehending the true nature of addiction for her relapse. After this, she went on to work many different jobs and moved to many different locations. This didn’t work for her, and it was in 2016 that she realized she needed to truly address the underlying problems in her life.

Victoria Doramus attended a 60-day rehab in the state of Connecticut and felt ready to do anything to get her life back. She has spoken about the importance of dedicating her life to getting better, and she believes this is what most addicts must do. According to Doramus, many addicts continue to spiral out of control even when given the support and tools they need because they are simply not ready yet. Doramus relapsed once more after leaving Connecticut and ended up being homeless in Manhattan.

In 2017, Victoria decided that the Burning Tree treatment facility in Texas would be her last stop for rehab. The road was hard, but she gave her life over to her recovery and stayed there for 8 months. She got work waiting tables until she was ready to be on her own completely, and then she began her new life. Go Here for additional information.

Victoria Doramus now dedicates a good portion of her life to philanthropy and helping out charitable organizations she is passionate about. She has been involved with the Best Friends Animal Society, Room to Read, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and the Women’s Prison Association.

Victoria Doramus draws on her marketing and creative advertising backgrounds to help these organizations out. In the charity industry, these skills are very desired, so she has been able to help many different people. Doramus also continues to work with AA and hopes to be able to help other addicts and alcoholics just like she was helped. She is working towards opening an AA house in Manhattan in New York City.


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JD.Com and Rakuten Collaborate To Develop Unmanned Delivery Solutions in Japan ranks as China’s largest online retailer as well as the country’s largest Internet company by revenue. Jingdong, sets the bar high when looking for the best online shopping experience. Thanks primarily to its commitment to provide its shoppers with quality, authentic, and a vast array of products that cover everything from electronics to fresh food and apparel and even cosmetics. has witnessed tremendous growth since its inception and continues to do so. In the coming weeks, the online retailer has set a collaboration with Rakuten Inc. to deploy the first unmanned delivery solution in Japan. Rakuten Inc. boasts being a leading global innovation company in many sectors; mainly e-commerce.

Under this signed agreement between the two giants, JD aims to focus its expertise in developing these unmanned drones and autonomous delivery robots. Rakuten Inc., however, intends to focus more on the drone delivery service operations in the country. The two company’s collaboration, therefore, should work to the benefit of a lot of applications and solutions.’s current spot as the largest online retailer in China puts it in a great position to make this happen.

The drone delivery solution should work to ensure the shoppers’ fulfilment regarding standard same- or next-day deliveries. With a population of over 1 billion, this project, if successful, can prove to be highly effective. and Rakuten aim to make this possible and provide the best delivery service levels at unmatched speeds globally.

In 2016, Rakuten launched its first Rakuten Drone delivery service.

Since then, it has gained much-needed experience towards providing the best drone distribution services. That makes Rakuten the best company that Jingdong can partner with. In 2018, the company conducted its first delivery trial which was a success. Click Here to learn more.

Ever since 2015, has worked on developing the drone program and launched its first commercial drone delivery in 2016. The company currently operates its drones in Shaanxi, Jiangsu, and other provinces. Thanks to the drone project, managed to log more than 400,000 minutes of its flight time.

Together, and Rakuten focus on accelerating the development of unmanned drone delivery solutions in Japan. It’s becoming more of a reality now than ever before.


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Nick Vertucci Has Expert Advice For Real Estate Investors

Nick Vertucci has taught thousands of people how to launch their careers in real estate investing. He is the founder and owner of the NV Real Estate Academy. Nick and his team at the Academy offer extensive online training, and he provides his students with the tools they need to build their own successful real estate business.

Nick’s interest in real estate started years ago when he attended a seminar on the topic. He quickly realized that there was the potential to make a great deal of money investing in real estate. Nick Vertucci proceeded to learn all he could about the whole process and realized tremendous success in his own business. Nick started the NV Real Estate Academy to share his expertise acquired by his years of experience. He teaches his students the art of real estate investing with a step-by-step approach to learning.

The NV Real Estate Academy website is chock-full of information that is presented in an easy to understand manner. Nick Vertucci explains what to look for in a potentially profitable investment property, and he teaches his students the best ways to search for properties. The successful real estate investor wants to be able to assess the cost for any needed renovating of the building.

Nick Vertucci is a skilled negotiator, and he has solid advice on how to effectively negotiate with the seller. The students also learn where and how to obtain the funding to enter into the transaction. Nick has extensive hands-on experience, and he wants his students to learn how best to avoid any possible pitfalls that could occur when buying or flipping a property. Nick Vertucci is a leading expert and instructor in the art of flipping properties. The topic of flipping is also extensively covered at the NV Real Estate Academy.


Companies especially those in retail businesses need to catch up with the evolving technology to stay in the market. Technology is now a core part of any business due to its numerous benefits. Many companies have embraced technology and are using it to improve their businesses. One such company is which has cemented its platform in the world of retail. started as an online retail shop but has expanded through the years to serve a huge part of the population in China. It has many loyal customers since it offers reliable and first services. also has authentic commodities that are the best in the market. One way in which Jingdong has embraced technology is by the use of drones to deliver goods to clients. also owns some retail shops that rely purely on technology to operate as they are unmanned. These shops have cameras and other electronic devices that help them to run.

Now that Jingdong has made a success from the use of technology, it is servicing out its technology to other retailers so that they can also prosper. JD has been a large part of introducing e-commerce to China and other areas thus improving its market. Offline shops are now under pressure to embrace technology to stay on top of the changing retail market. Despite this, offline shops still hold an essential place in the retail market as only about 15% of them are online shops. Technology has improved businesses in many ways through the introduction of the smart supply chain, consumption, and logistics.

In the recent company’s blog “JD Delivery Stations Get Smart Ahead Of CES Debut”, JD has talked about the launch of two smart delivery stations in the cities of Changsha and Hohhot, strengthening the e-commerce giant’s autonomous logistics capabilities.

Smart supply is helping with running businesses smoothly by giving retailers an incite of customer expectations and preferences. It provides all the information on sales from how many items a customer would want to buy to what items are needed in what period. Providing customers with the ideal goods cannot be effective without the use of smart logistics to deliver those products. By use of smart logistics, retailers ensure that products reach consumers as fast as possible through the use of delivery vehicles that follow scheduled roads to avoid traffic. If any business embraces these methods, then they are sure to succeed. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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In-House Logistics Network for China started in 1998 as on offline business, but shortly after a SARS outbreak in 2004 it launched its online business. Since China didn’t have an in-house, logistics program at the time, delivering medicine was difficult. So developed its own nationwide, in- house logistics network.

Its network can deliver over 90% same day or next day delivery. and serves 99% of China’s population, rural and suburban. Today, JD is China’s largest retailer, on- or offline and the world’s third largest internet company.

Smart Delivery Stations

In China’s cities Changsha and Hohhot, has launched two smart delivery stations. Utilizing delivery robots and human couriers, they can deliver up to 2,000 packages a day. The robots are autonomous, being able to deliver within a 5 kilometer radius. They can plan routes, avoid obstacles, and even recognize traffic lights. Also set up with facial recognition, they can securely deliver to the correct user.

Boundary less Retail Vision

To allow consumers to buy whatever they want, wherever and whenever they want is “JD’s Boundaryless Retail” vision. Automated warehouses, drones that can real-time problem solve and deliver, and highly trained personnel, China’s is revolutionizing commerce. Next step is to open its technology up to other companies and industries, allowing consumers everywhere to enjoy the same ease of shopping as China, according to their Retail as a Service strategy. Showcasing their technology at the Consumer Electronics Show furthers this plan.

Consumer Electronics Show

JD launched its two delivery stations just a few days before being set to attend its first Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. At its booth, will showcase the technology already changing the way consumers shop in China. It will show how they use drones to deliver goods and medical supplies to remote areas, and even catch a look at the world’s first fully automated fulfillment center.

At the booth, visitors will be able to try some of the futuristic technology that JD has developed. Drone flights in virtual reality, and augmented reality fitting and styling software. Internet of Things technology which will allow consumers to remotely control their smart devices in their homes, and in their cars. Also available to try is a special exoskeleton worn by staff in their warehouse that makes lifting heavy objects easier. Refer to This Article for related information.


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Rise Of Herbalife Nutrition And Why You Should Join

Herbalife stock looks set to surge strongly upward in 2019 after the year-to-date numbers were calculated in late 2018. Investors are preferring the HLF stock over others recognizing the spike in growth. With their notable product portfolio and presence around the globe, the wellness company is seeing a gain in key markets.

The herbalife stock is up 67%, and the third quarter of 2018 saw an increase of 15%. This led to the second highest amount of volume points in the company’s history and brought it back to the level that it was in 2012 when it was the highest. Also, for the second consecutive period, double-digit depicted growth in volume was seen in four of the top five markets.

Herbalife already has a strong set of products in their portfolio including weight loss, fitness, energy and sports products. But, in the third quarter of last year, the company presented 58 new products across 51 countries around the world. This was likely the cause of the stock increase.

An important cause of this spike in Herbalife is because of its advanced direct sales model. While building the brand and notariety, Herbalife Nutrition has proven to be a lucrative opportunity for independent sales agents. Here are a couple of benefits of the Herbalife direct sales model.

Brand Representation

Herbalife has been around for over 40 years. Throughout decades of steady growth and recognition, it has become a notable brand in the industry. Independent sales agents can be confident in promoting anything from Herbalife including their career opportunities. Representing a company like Herbalife completely streamlines the sales process because many people know about them and their products.

Schedule Flexibility

The direct sales model of doing business accomodates to the lifestyle every individual. You can work part-time or if you want to dedicate yourself, you can go full-time, and the hours depend entirely on you. This motive of operation is often what drives people to a career in direct sales. Income is based on effort in the direct sales world.

Whether you’re a student, a young parent, or just someone looking to get into the industry. Direct sales can be very rewarding, especially for Herbalife Nutrition who is on a market rise and takes care of their sales agents.,9_IL.10,21_IC1146821.htm