Obsidian Energy – The Oil and Natural Gas Company

Obsidian Energy Limited (previously known as the Penn West Energy Trust, Penn West Petroleum, as well as the Penn West Exploration Ltd.) is a mid-sized Canadian company for that specialize in the production of oil and natural gas. The company is based in Calgary city, in Alberta, Canada.


For a while, when Obsidian Energy Ltd. was among the S&P/TSX 60 index, the 60 largest companies that were listed Toronto Stock Exchange. From the year 2005 to 2011, it was a CANROY (Canadian Royalty Trust), and it managed to reach a peak market capitalization which was on Jan. 2008 of roughly USD 9.5 billion.


The oil and gas fields of Obsidian are situated in Alberta, at the WCSB (Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin), which is a region that is among the largest petroleum reserves in the world. Production comes from the three main areas in Alberta: The Alberta Viking, Peace River oil sands, as well as the Pembina Cardium. The total production in the year 2017 is anticipated to average roughly 31,000 bbl. equivalent each day.


According to the article in the BOE Report, the Penn West Petroleum announced that their shareholders had changed its brand name to Obsidian Energy Ltd. on 26 June 2017. In conjunction with their name changing, their stock symbol was replaced with OBE on the New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange.


David French, the Chief Executive Officer, and President commented that they were pleased to acknowledge the last step in their transformation with the change of the company’s name to Obsidian Energy.


As Obsidian Energy started a new chapter in their story, they are going to guide their three principles. These principles are disciplined technical plus commercial decision-making to build as well as protect the value of the enterprise, relentless pursuit of innovation and progress, and accountable as well as transparent efforts with their partners, shareholders, plus the communities in which the company operates.


David continued saying that Obsidian Energy Ltd. is positioned well with a healthy balance sheet, the right assets, as well as a reasonable hedging strategy that is going to allow Obsidian to be capable of setting a standard for performance and this is even in environments that are a lower price. Go Here To Learn More.

Mike Baur: Changing the dynamics of startups in Switzerland

Mike Baur is some of the emerging big names in the tech business industry in Switzerland. He is the founder of Swiss Startup Factory, which is a startup company that is mentoring new entrepreneurs with startup ideas in the country. The startup factory runs an incubator program which offers mentoring and coaching services as well as funding to ideas that prove to have great potential.


Mike Baur has been brilliant since he was young. The Wall Street says that he started his career in banking at the age of 16. By the time he left the banking sector, he had worked for more than 20years. He joined the UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) as an intern after completing his college education. He later proved to be very knowledgeable on financial matters and the management decided to offer him a long-term contract that would see him work for the bank for the rest of his life. At UBS he was appointed a financial advisor. In this role, he managed to offer financial advice to the wealthy and mighty in the Switzerland. In 2008, he left the bank effects of the 2008 global economic recession.


After leaving UBS, Mike Baur joined another bank in Zurich. He joined Clariden Leu, a bank that had been formed at the time following the amalgamation of different small banks. He worked for six years, until 2014, when he quit work in the banking sector and sought to try entrepreneurship.


In 2014, Mike Baur and a college mate Max Meister founded the biggest independently owned startups factory in Zurich. The idea to start this company came as a result of the observation he made while working in the banks. He witnessed that, many businesses were failing due to lack of knowledge and skills on the part of entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur noted that although many people wanted to seek financial freedom through entrepreneurship, most of them had not invested time and devotion to seeking the necessary knowledge first. He created the company to offer solutions to this problem.


The startup factory has a three-month program twice every year. Those who enroll in the program enjoy the advantages of meeting experts and experienced entrepreneurs with whom they could share their ideas. The entrepreneurs also have the advantage of being taught how to market their products alongside creating business creating business networks that can benefit their businesses in growth. On top of it all, Mike Baur provides rent-free offices for the business.


Obsidian Energy Has Restructured Its Business Model

Recently Penn West Petroleum re-branded to Obsidian Energy. The company plans to position itself strategically in the Canadian Market so that it can attract modest growth in the short-term period of close to three years. One of the strategies that the company will employ to ensure that it’s on a profit-making trail is limiting its spending budgets to the prevailing prices of oil and gas.


During a meeting to discuss the change of identity for Penn West Petroleum, 92 percent of the shareholders voted in favor of the new status Obsidian Energy. The inspiration behind the name obsidian came from a naturally occurring volcanic glass called obsidian. The glass has the unusual characteristic that allows it to be sharpened and honed. Dave French, the CEO of the company, expressed his optimism about the future growth of the business.


Over the past few years, Penn West has experienced turmoil in its business with soaring debts threatening the future of the company. However, the company managed to weather all the challenges by settling all its lawsuits last year. To bounce back, Penn West had to liquidate some of its assets so that it could reduce its debt portfolio. The company has also narrowed its business scope to only four critical areas of production from the initial thirty.


Obsidian Energy has also restructured its business model by downsizing the number of employees on its payroll. Obsidian has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Initially, the company had 1,400 employees, but at the moment, the number is down to 300.


At the moment Obsidian is ranked as a medium-size oil and gas producer. The firm boasts of a high-quality asset portfolio that has the capacity of churning over 30,000 barrels of oil every day.


Obsidian Energy’s asset base and the organization structure the company has adopted provide the right foundation for the firm to take off. Also, an entrepreneurial culture and the values that have been inculcated by the management enable the business to record bottom-line results.


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Obsidian Energy is a firm that is founded on the principles of discipline, passion, and humanity. Most of the employees at the company are relentless in their pursuit for better results for the business. Obsidian’s management and stakeholders believe that the enterprise is a force of change in the communities it operates.


Read More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsidian_Energy

Louis Chenevert’s Successful Transition to Goldman Sachs

Upon graduating from the university, Louis R. Chenevert, a French Canadian began his career in Production Management. His journey started at St. Therese Production where he served as the General Manager for 14years. Louis then worked at General Motors and United Technologies Corporation (UTC) before joining Goldman Sachs where he is to date.

Louis Chenevert’s appointment as UTC CEO in 2006 came at a time where there was a recession that paralyzed top companies in the US. The economic conditions however, did not stop Chenevert from pursuing his goals for UTC. As UTC President and CEO, Louis attained approximately $100billion worth achievements in just a single year, a performance that takes an entire career for most CEO’s to achieve.

Under Chenevert`s tenure, UTC was able to settle an acquisition deal worth $18.4 billion after just one year of negotiations. Additionally, UTC won the lobby offered to manufacture a second alternate engine for US Air Force, making UTC the sole supplier of US F-35 engine.

In addition, Louis committed himself to invest in his employees’ development while at UTC through UTC`s Employee Scholar Program. To date, more than 40000 UTC employees have benefited from this program. Chenevert also had an excellent leadership style. He focused on picking the best potential projects, a principle he passed on to Gregory Hayes who is UTC`s current CEO. Under his tenure, UTC attained global expansion with their revenues growing to 60% at the time of his resignation.

On December 8th, 2014, Chenevert resigned from his position and Edward Kangas who was the Lead Independent Director took over. This resignation resulted into his appointment to his following position as an Exclusive Advisor in Merchant Banking Division at Goldman Sachs.

At Goldman Sachs, Chenevert plays an advisory role to the bank’s private-equity division and other businesses. Chenevert also targets opportunities in the aerospace and industrial sectors.

Paul Mampilly Is A Successful Investor With Platinum Advice

     As a successful investor, Paul Mampilly has won awards, managed hedge funds, and multi-million-dollar accounts. He believes food companies represent an amazing opportunity for investors. Since the millennials are the first generation without cooking skills, food companies must cater to their preferences. This could result in excellent opportunities on the stock market. Millennials spend approximately $50 every week dining out. As they have children, they must have ways to cook and feed their kids.

There are food delivery services who deliver the ingredients necessary to cook a meal, and pre-cooked meals. Paul Mampilly has drawn attention to the high education of the millennials. This means they research their food, have seen the obesity rate, diabetes, and food allergies. They want convenient dining with health, and nutrition. According to Paul Mampilly, this is the perfect time to purchase stock in food companies who meet these criteria.

Paul Mampilly achieved the type of success that enables people to retire by the time they reach forty. After one of his private accounts had returns of 76 percent, he won the investment competition with the Templeton Foundation. He has shared his investment advice on CNBC, and Bloomberg, and is the founder of Profits Unlimited. He left India when he was young and has made his mark on the world of business for 25 years. His investments in a muscular dystrophy drug, and Netflix were partially why he could retire at 42.

Paul Mampilly believes precision medicine is an excellent investment. This is the process of using an individual’s genetic information and medical history in the treatment and diagnosis of numerous medical conditions. The technology provides more accuracy in a doctor’s diagnosis, and enables personalized treatments. Doctors can use precision medicine to find an individual’s symptoms in a big database. This makes targeting different illnesses much easier. The millennials will be able to access this new healthcare as they age, making this a good field for the purchasing of stocks.

Paul Mampilly additionally sees promise in investing in the car industry. The technology is consistently making improvements in vehicles including better safety features, fuel efficiency, and smart cars. He believes this is a promising area for future investments.


Todd Lubar Helps Bring Prospective Business Owners Close to Great Real Estate Deals

Todd Lubar of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, knows firsthand how it feels to have a deal go bad. It was this failure that helped Todd to keep moving. The deal that Todd had been working on had gone sour and when it did, this caused him to start back at the beginning. After restarting, Todd knew he had to play the game using different pieces, opening different doors and using more desire to reach the level he needed to reach.

Todd (http://www.toddlubar.com/) knows how difficult it can be for people who are looking to own a home. When it comes to locating a good buy, home owners are confused due to the amount of home finding sites there are on the internet. It is easy for them to become overwhelmed and exhausted. The trouble with these sites however is that often times, they are not kept up to date. Todd hopes that one day, a good business opportunity will open and allow for someone to make this area a success for home owners.

When it comes to helping to keep Todd Lubar focused, there is one thing that he swears by. What is it you ask? A Fitbit. This one gadget helps keep Todd on track at all times. It will keep track of how much sleep he is getting, it helps him to get into shape by tracking his movements and it also keeps him in touch with his own desires. It has also helped to keep in close with co-workers by allowing them to create a contest amongst the workplace.

According to crunchbase.com, Todd first started out in real estate back in 1995. From there, Todd marveled at every facet of the real estate business and therefore his desire to help others came about. He started out as working at Crestar Mortgage as the loan originator of the company and then from there, Todd made relationships with a number of real estate agents, CPA’s as well as financial planners and insurance agents.

Todd made the jump to Legacy Financial Group in 1999 and then in 2002, Todd opened up Legendary Properties, LLC. This residential company helped many others by purchasing, rehabbing and then selling over 200 real estate deals. Visit toddlubar.com for more info.

Roberto Santiago Says the Brazilian Mall Industry does not see any Deceleration

Roberto Santiago of Manaira Shopping located in João Pessoa, says that the mall industry in Brazil does not see any slowing due to the recent economic crisis. He points out that the industry displayed a healthy growth of 6.5% in the year 2015. The greatest example of the growing business of shopping industry is the continuous expansion plans of Manaira Shopping in the recent years, under the leadership of Santiago. A census conducted by the Abrasce showed that there are 538 shopping centers in the country with another 30 are in the process of construction. This displays the strength of the sector along with the potential for growth in the coming years.


The survey also showed that more than 1 million people are working in the shopping mall industry. Interestingly, it gave jobs to more than 54,000 people in the year 2015. Santiago says that Northeast region of Brazil is the second hottest mall industry in the country after the Southeast. Interestingly, the state of Paraíba, by the support of Manaira Shopping, displays the strength of the industry, recreating and impacting the development of the area in terms of leisure and sales. The shopping mall of Santiago is one of the major commercial centers in the state and has one of the biggest leasable areas with more than 75,000 square meters.


According to marketing experts, the mall itself is reinventing for a growth-oriented future. The Manaira currently has a college, multipurpose space, gymnasium, and concert hall, by the visionary leadership of Santiago. The confidence of mall owners is also playing a vital role in expansion plans of malls and aggressive marketing strategies. In a recent survey, at least 40% entrepreneurs showed a confidence of growth percent over 5%. More than 60% people think that the economic crisis would not affect their business. Rafaela Barros, the manager at Manaira, confirms that these numbers are critical, and it is a pointer towards the stability of the industry. She says that the shopping industry would only advance in the coming years and contribute to the need for the development of the sector.


Roberto Santiago founded Manaira Shopping in the year 1989 in the capital city of Paraíba. Since then, it has gone through at least five major expansion plans due to the surge of visitors to the mall year after year. Currently, it offers entertainment, shopping, services, food, and more. It has an 11 screen Cinépolis multiplex that offers quality movie watching experience with stadium system, VIP cinema, and more. It has a game station with more than 200 gaming machines with different games offer a new world of entertainment. The mall hosts various services including banking, driver’s license, job, public defender, police register, cell phone, sewing, barber shop, flowers, gifts, and more.

Contributions Of Karl Heideck To The Field Of Law

Labor laws have led to a change in the way people carry out their businesses and entrepreneurs need to make themselves aware of the ever evolving requirements. It is crucial to learn the emerging shifts in the laws guarding business operations to avoid closure of your business as a result of a violation of these rules. Besides, the law of employment has impacted the lives of many individuals and business operators in Pennsylvania due to the great limitations it entails. People who employ underage children ought to face the law, and in some cases, it may lead to the closure of their businesses.

Besides, individuals in Pennyslavia must comply with the labor and minimum wage rules which advocate for a fair treatment of the employees. The laws ought to take action against all business operators who fail to award their employees on time and also those who do not pay them enough money according to the total minimum wage that is in the regulations. At some point, business operators may be negatively affected by this rules, especially if they don’t make enough profits to meet the government’s expectations.

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On the other hand, entrepreneurs also ought to keenly observe the state expectations regarding the leave that they are supposed to offer to their employees as well as the issue of treating them equally. According to medium.com, In cases where a firm has retired employees, it is required that they treat them with care and reward them accordingly. Due to the complex nature of employment laws, most business owners currently opt to choose experts to guide them to avoid issues with the authorities.

Karl Heideck is one of the principal attorneys who operate in Philaphedia and is always ready to assist businesses with issues related to the law. Karl takes part in most journals and publications where he contributes in the law forum to help firms understand the expected requirements regarding the treatment of employees.

Karl is a highly focused individual and works hard towards developing his skills and knowledge in the field of law. He has gained vast experience through his various involvements in law firms which he has done for a decade and looks towards helping people deal with their life issues that are law related.

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Lori Senecal Plans to Quite the Advertising Industry

Lori Senecal is among the few women who have built an excellent reputation for themselves in the advertising industry. She is the current CEO of MDC Partners Network and also served CP+B as its global CEO. Senecal recently announced that she would be retiring from both positions in December 2017. Her outstanding work at CP+B is greatly appreciated by its chairman, Chuck Potter. He believes that Lori has helped in making the services of the firm more flexible and attractive to the clients. Senecal was hired by CP+B in March 2015 and assisted in signing an advertisement deal with the American Airlines in October 2015. The airline company’s account had been held by TM Advertising for over 25 years.

According to Adage, Chuck Potter has been preparing for the retirement of Lori Senecal for the past two years. He has been consulting her in making careful decisions on the development of an excellent leadership team for the company. The two are determined to ensure that CP+B will have competent administrators when Lori retires. They have been great business partners and friends. The global CEO has restructured the advertising agency by developing excellent strategies that have made it efficient in service provision.

CP+B’s chairperson is striving to nurture a new generation of leaders who can manage its future operations. The agency recent elevated Danielle Aldrich from serving as an MD of CP+B Boulder to being the president of CP+B West. Her new office oversees the activities both CP+B Los Angeles and CP+B Boulder. Aldrich was among the professionals who negotiated to win advertising deals with Hotels.com, American Airlines, and Hershey.

Senecal’s tenure at the advertising agency has been remarkable. Lori Senecal has assisted the professionals who serve its international divisions to improve their management skills. All its executives have been working to ensure that it attains success both locally and globally. Lori believes that promoting the regional administrators of CP+B helps the firm to distribute its human resources and ensure that clients are served by the best talents. Danielle Aldrich has worked at CP+B for about 14 years, and Lori understands a lot about its operations.

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Before settling into a career routine, Eli Gershkoritch needed a break after graduating from law school. He enrolled in Universite de ski in Grenoble for art classes (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6457149/). Eli Gershkovitch would explore the French Alps on weekends and do his studies during the day. Surprisingly he was about to discover something that in the future will cause him to leave practicing law.


Eli Gershkovitch had a taste of Belgium beer where he described it as an epiphany. On his trip to his first microbrewery in Heidelberg, Germany, he found it big enough to impress but not big enough to be intimidating. He decided to join hands with Walter Cosmas, a president of the ever- expanding brewery business. The partners transformed 30,000sq.ft space into a production facility that annually pumped out 90,000 six packs of Steamworks pale ale and pilsner and 800 twelve packs of their seasonal brews. Eli Gershkovitch has a law degree and was also of good use, his former Vancouver practice included legal work on clients’ liquor licenses, and he had become so familiar with the rules and how he could get them work on his behalf.


As a business man, he still practices law and him as his only client, he created a craft beer festival over his efforts to protect his trademark of the Cascadia craft beer name. He is the CEO of the Steamworks Group of Companies. He has lived the brand for 20 years protects it to date.



Steamworks produced 15 to 17 beers a year. Last August it launched its bottled beer, and it brought success where pale ale and pilsner are sold in 85 government liquor stores as well as some private retailers.


Steamworks Pilsner came first in the British Columbia Beer Awards last October and also won the Northwest Brewing News Readers Choice Award for the best pilsner. The craft beer makes up 50% of the consumed beer in the greater Portland area, and it shows a potential to double the size at the local market. Eli Gershkovitch has seen a broadening of his customer base, including women and liked by both white and blue collar beer drinkers.

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