Preparing for the Future at the Academy of Art University

The Academy of Arts sports program at the Academy of Arts University has been compared between the artists and athletes for being very similar. Both artists and athletes have more in common because both groups must complete the same steps that help them prepare for success in sports and their professions. The Academy of Arts sports program, called the “Urban Knights”, began in 2007, and has won 2 NCAA National Championships.

Students in both the art and athletic programs must be able to accept criticism and use this criticism to improve their skills. Time management and organizational skills are also critical to balance their curriculum and everyday life. Students must have communication skills that allow them to listen and hear in order to succeed. A healthy ambition for success in their academic and future profession is essential.

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco and was established in 1929, and is the “largest private art and design university in the nation.” The goal is to prepare students to enter the “fields of art and design.” The Academy of Arts University has open admissions and an admission rate of 100%. This university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of “design, communication and the arts.” Certificate and portfolio programs are also available. The teachers at this institution are professional artists and designers, who have a working knowledge of their industries that are beneficial to their students.

This university offers many opportunities for students to hone their crafts with the tools and knowledge they receive during their education. Students have the opportunity to work “hands-on”, in their chosen fields and gain insight into the actual work and how they can improve themselves.

The Academy of Art University helps to produce students that can succeed in their chosen field, whether is in art and design or athletics by practice and hard work. While this isn’t a “traditional university”, it certainly stacks up to be exceptional.

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