Sharon Prince Work in Resorting Humanity


Sharon Prince chairs a privately operated foundation called Grace Farm Foundation which she founded in 2009. By engaging people with nature, arts, justice, and community, Sharon hopes to better people’s lives. She has expanded the vision for the foundation by making it a non-profit organization and a public space which can be shared by individuals.


Since it was started, Grace Farm Foundation has become a place for peace and grace for everyone. Sharon Prince has seen the foundation achieve various awards for the contributions it has made on several sectors. These are for instance architectural, the sustainability of the environment and social good.


Sharon Prince has worked through this foundation to eliminate exploitation of children, human trafficking as well as hostility towards women. She aims to eradicate these on all levels. Sharon Prince also participates in a charity organization in Nepal. The commitment of this organization is to unite back children who are victims of exploitation with their families.


While living in America, Sharon Prince experienced its different sides and therefore dedicated her life to serving other people. Sharon Prince commits herself to serve people with great faith that God is always with her. She ensures that all she does to help people is per things that God finds value in. Sharon Prince says that she is committed to creating a family unit that is loving and caring. She believes this will help to create equity and peace in the world.


Creating a public space where people from diverse communities could come together and communicate was the main inspiration for her to form Grace Farms. This was because she believed coming together of different people creates a forum to expand the good in the universe. Access to the foundation is free for all making it accommodating to everyone.


Recently, an article was published entitled “Sharon Prince Grace Farms” which discusses their connection with Crystal Bridges, bringing culture to unexpected places and bringing it up to those who are looking for a better environment where they can pause and reflect is priceless.


Her faith in God gives her inspiration and encourages her to pursue every obstacle. Sharon believes that God will always satisfy her needs and guide her through always.


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