JD.COM Makes Reading Easy For Children

JD.com, otherwise known as Jingdong Mall is the largest retailer in China and being a technology company, it is bringing AR (Augmented Reality) features depicting a book to help teach kids safe interaction with strangers. The book is based on a German book “I’m not going with everyone!” by Dagmar Geisler –popular with Chinese parents. The AR book has four scenarios that tech the possible dangers with strangers and teaches ways to interact with strangers. Both children and parents can use the JD app in the smart devices to access practical situations that fully engage the children


Jingdong continues to advance as the technology also continues to rise. The use of AR versions of books is actually making learning to become more and more transformed. Through AR, the books are becoming more interactive and enjoyable eliminating the boredom in reading the traditional paper books. The e-books that are available today have made it easier for people and the children who are fascinated by the technology of today.


Missing children is a global issue and despite the fact that its awareness and education has widely been invested on, a lot needs to be done both in China and the world. The total children under 14 years are about 220 million and by applying technology in the welfare and effective learning by Jingdong Mall, are a huge step in trying to solve the issue.


According to JD.com’s head of AR /VR, the company is looking forward to collaborating with authors and publishers so as to bring a bright and safe future to the learning of kids. They are also working to market further into the market the AR technologies so that the company partners and customers can have them. See This Page for additional information.


Jingdong was among the first in using AR to improve retail business both online and offline. The tools like AR Styling Station and Fitting Room especially designed by JD gives them over 300 million customers in a greatly involving and personalized experiences. In 2018, during the annual 6.18-anniversary sales, 70 % of the total color lenses purchased first employed the AR Styling Station and many customers wanted to really have a taste of how they looked.


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