How Alastair Borthwick Came To Be

One of the greatest figures in art during and before World War II was Alastair Borthwick. His fame originally began at his publication of Always a Little Further, but many who have heard of this book lack full picture of Alastair Borthwick’s genius.

Born in Scotland, Alastair Borthwick’s writing career began in Glasgow. At only 16, he left high school and began to work for a living. Although he had no specialization in the type of writing he was doing, Alastair Borthwick still managed to make a decent living for himself through his writing, and this pushed him to wonder not only what the world of writing could offer him, but what he could offer to the world of writing.

This, Borthwick had asserted in his lifetime, was the true reason to live. Not only to benefit oneself, but to contribute to the universe in some shape or form. Alastair Borthwick lived by this principle. Though his work began with often little more than editing, Borthwick quickly sailed through the ranks of the system, having such an affluent wealth of knowledge in writing.

Alastair Borthwick began to write in reflection of his life experiences in his young age. These self-narratives were, in a sense, the seeds of his literary career. It was through the act of reflecting on his life that Alastair Borthwick learned to derive pleasure from his writings. Alastair Borthwick took this feeling and ran with it. Having just a taste of what it feels like to create something with love and allow the world to read it had him hooked right from the start. Visit This Page to Learn More.

Unsurprisingly, Alastair Borthwick’s passion and drive for literature seemed to rise without ever peaking, constantly growing and growing with every passing day. It is, therefore no surprise to find out that Alastair Borthwick had created not only one, but two novels later to be considered masterpieces: first Always a Little Further, then Sans Peur. I would be hard pressed to find a more deserving person of their own success.



The Career Of Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the chief executive officer of the pizza restaurant chain known as Papa Johns. He is currently in charge of the third largest pizza restaurant company in the world. Over a span of 22 years, Steve Ritchie has worked for Papa Johns beginning in 1996. In January of 2018, Steve was named as the chief executive officer. Prior to working at Papa Johns, Ritchie graduated from Seneca High School and currently lives in the Hikes Point neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.

Throughout his career at Papa Johns, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has worked in a variety of roles. In 1996, Steve started out as a customer service representative. In 2006, Ritchie became a franchise owner and later got promoted to chief operating officer. Along with being a customer service representative and an executive, Steve has held a number of other positions during his career at the company. He has held positions such as delivery driver, area supervisor, vice president, a general manager and a director of operations. For most of his career, Steve has worked at Papa Johns. During the years 2008 through 2011, he was working at another company called Calistoga Bakery Café as a consultant.

Before Steve Ritchie began working at Papa Johns, he bought and ran a local pizza restaurant in Louisville. While running his own pizzeria, Steve worked up to 14 hours a day for 7 days a week. This experience allowed Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s to learn the importance of hard work and dedication to his business. The experience owning his own pizza restaurant also allowed him to gain a passion and understanding for how pizza restaurants are successfully run. This eventually led to him joining Papa Johns. By 2013, Steve was listed among the individuals in the Forty under Forty by the publication Louisville Business First. See This Page for related information.

During the next several years, Steve Ritchie is looking to own over 100 franchises along with becoming a member of the Board of Directors of Fortune 500 companies. As the current chief executive officer of Papa Johns, Steve will focus on helping the company remain as one of the top pizza restaurants in the world. He is expected to also lead the development of global brand awareness for Papa Johns as well.


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How Ryan Seacrest Made It To American Idol


Over the past few years, Ryan Seacrest has probably been best known for his time with American Idol and Live With Kelly & Ryan alongside Kelly Ripa. However, Mr. Ryan Seacrest has had quite a long and extensive career before both of these career-defining roles. Chief among these is his radio work, for which he’s been critically and commercially acclaimed; one of this most notable shows has been On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Los Angeles-based morning drive time show for iHeartMedia’s 102.7 KIIS-FM. This is alongside another Top 40 radio show; both shows are based in L.A but have become nationally syndicated.

Mr. Seacrest has also had somewhat of a career behind the camera too, which his Ryan Seacrest Productions having a hand in a few different shows. While many of the shows that the production house works on also include Mr. Seacrest as host, such as with E! Live from the Red Carpet, it’s also worked on a few other notable shows. Chief among these have been Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its spin offs. However Ryan Seacrest Productions has also won an Emmy for its work on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution while also producing an NBC drama series starring Jennifer Lopez called Shades of Blue. Furthermore, the production giant has worked on the likes of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset, CMT’s I Love Kellie Pickler and YouTube’s Best.Cover.Ever, as well as Insatiable for Netflix.

Ryan Seacrest has also been involved with a number of lifestyle brands; the are two notable aspects to his lifestyle collection. The first of these is the Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a menswear collection sold at Macy’s. He’s also established a partnership with respected dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer to create a men’s skincare line. Named Polished by Dr. Lancer, the range has been somewhat successful. Ryan Seacrest has also been involved in a number of philanthropic causes, such as on the board of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; he also serves as a chair of the Grammy Foundation. However, his most notable charitable work includes the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which has built 10 broadcast media centers in pediatric centers around the United States.


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JD.COM Makes Reading Easy For Children, otherwise known as Jingdong Mall is the largest retailer in China and being a technology company, it is bringing AR (Augmented Reality) features depicting a book to help teach kids safe interaction with strangers. The book is based on a German book “I’m not going with everyone!” by Dagmar Geisler –popular with Chinese parents. The AR book has four scenarios that tech the possible dangers with strangers and teaches ways to interact with strangers. Both children and parents can use the JD app in the smart devices to access practical situations that fully engage the children


Jingdong continues to advance as the technology also continues to rise. The use of AR versions of books is actually making learning to become more and more transformed. Through AR, the books are becoming more interactive and enjoyable eliminating the boredom in reading the traditional paper books. The e-books that are available today have made it easier for people and the children who are fascinated by the technology of today.


Missing children is a global issue and despite the fact that its awareness and education has widely been invested on, a lot needs to be done both in China and the world. The total children under 14 years are about 220 million and by applying technology in the welfare and effective learning by Jingdong Mall, are a huge step in trying to solve the issue.


According to’s head of AR /VR, the company is looking forward to collaborating with authors and publishers so as to bring a bright and safe future to the learning of kids. They are also working to market further into the market the AR technologies so that the company partners and customers can have them. See This Page for additional information.


Jingdong was among the first in using AR to improve retail business both online and offline. The tools like AR Styling Station and Fitting Room especially designed by JD gives them over 300 million customers in a greatly involving and personalized experiences. In 2018, during the annual 6.18-anniversary sales, 70 % of the total color lenses purchased first employed the AR Styling Station and many customers wanted to really have a taste of how they looked.


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The Successful Career Of Alastair Borthwick


Alastair Borthwick is remembered for the vast number of books that he published. Alastair Borthwick started his career while he was still a little boy. At the age of 16, he had already gained popularity, and he has since then continued to influence the lives of many people. At the beginning of his career, he worked in a media house picking up incoming phone calls from listeners. His excellent command of English, as well as impeccable customer services, attracted many individuals, who always called in to give views about particular issues at hand. His ability to learn fast and acquire skills in the field form his counterparts also impressed his executives, who later promoted him to serve as an editor at the firm.

Alastair Borthwick rose fast in his career, and upon serving as an editor, he was later promoted to take up other prestigious roles in the company. His career continued to flourish over time, and he made a name for himself throughout the broader parts of the globe. His career as a journalist also brought great influence to the lives of many people. Many people have always looked up to him as their role model and the insight he gave them through his writing also motivated them to keep persevering in life.

In his first book, “Always a Little Further,” Borthwick chronicles the extraordinary cast of various working-class characters and their shortcomings & triumphs during a time in which the Scottish grass-roots and hill climbing walking movement was flourishing.

On the other hand, mountaineering was also one of the significant activities that the duo liked. He always encouraged his friends to join him in the sport as it entailed a vast number of benefits. Alastair Borthwick’s continuous efforts enabled him to attract the attention of many people, and he continues to gain respect form many individuals. Through mountaineering, Alastair Borthwick met many people from various parts of the world and he shared his counsel concerning life with them. Besides, he also ensured that he learned new things form them and he was also passionate about hearing on their culture and customs. The process enabled him to discover ways through which he could respect the ways of life of other people. The duo is still remembered by, and his life is always an inspiration to many people across the globe. Refer to This Article for related information.


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Ryan Seacrest – Host Of The Century


We all remember Ryan Seacrest from one of the most watched music competitions globally. He won the hearts of many through his light-hearted and energetic hosting on the American Idol. Not only is he a famous host but he is also an award-winning creative entrepreneur. American Idol is just one of his most popular achievements. The show has 26 million weekly viewers and has made Ryan Seacrest famous globally. The show helped create a global presence. He has been the sole host since 2009 and has chosen to remain up until now. His deal is worth 10 million dollars.

Through his media presence, he has stepped onto many media platforms such as ‘On Air with Ryan’ and ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan.’ Ryan Seacrest also won an Emmy Award for producing Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation. He was nominated several times for his talk shows and American Idol. His production company has produced Emmy winning shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians and as well as some red carpet shows. Now, Kardashians aren’t the only famous people he has worked with, Ryan Seacrest produced Shades of Blue, which stars Jennifer Lopez and the new hit teen show, Insatiable.

Being in the industry, he has also stepped into the retail business. He opened his very own menswear collection and men’s skincare line, which he worked on with DR. Harold Lancer. He chose Macy’s as the sole distributor of his products and his retail collection consists of suits, sportswear, and even male accessories, which are manufactured by Randa accessories.

Aside from his hosting schedule, he serves as a chairman to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF), that has relentlessly worked towards opening several media centers called the Seacrest Studios across the country. He is also passionate about art, which is why he is currently a board member of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

Being in the limelight and managing such an empire is not an easy job but Ryan Seacrest still doesn’t look a day older, looking good doing what he does and many are won over by his charms on national television.


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Sam Jejurikar Does Plastic Surgeries And Other Life-Changing Procedures

Sam Jejurikar knew since he was young that he wanted to be involved in the medical field. He studied hard through high school with the hope of one day becoming a surgeon, and he was accepted into the University of Michigan. And, while he was taking classes there, he learned to love plastic surgery and the great work that could be done through it. He went on to the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute for his residency and learned from some great doctors there.

Sam Jejurikar is busy every day with people who come to him for surgeries and procedures and getting them done both in the operating room and his office. He spends his days talking with many people who want to have work done and doing follow-up appointments after surgeries. And he enjoys doing the actual surgeries themselves because he knows that he is making a difference for how someone looks. He makes sure to always talk with his patients about what they want from the surgeries, and he is always trying to use the most modern practices so that his patients will need as little recovery time as possible. He takes his time talking with each of his patients before they choose to have work done to make sure that they understand the procedure and what it means.

Sam Jejurikar is excited about learning more about non-surgical procedures, such as Botox. He wants to give his patients the option for that kind of procedure whenever possible. And, he says that one of the reasons why he has been able to be good at what he does is because of who he works with. His staff feels like family, and he makes sure to always pay them what they deserve. And, he gets their respect and cooperation because of that.

Paul Herdsman Helped Build NICE Global To Help Companies To Better Serve Their Customers


Paul Herdsman is the Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global, which is a nearshore customer service company that is headquartered in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He wears many different hats within his company and has been able to gather plenty of experience by dealing with all of the ins and outs of the business world.

Herdsman focuses most of his efforts on customer retention, developing companies, marketing, keeping customers happy, and human resources. He ensures that all of his staff members are fully trained so they feel confident about doing their job. He knows that the investment is well worth it, and he suggests that all companies should take care of their employees if they want to succeed.

Over the years, Paul Herdsman has worked to honestly evaluate himself in order to get a better idea of his own strengths. He knows the kinds of things that drive him and what areas of business he enjoys taking part in. By taking a closer look at himself and his own habits, he was able to start recognizing how to create a good customer service experience for the customers of any company he worked with. Read This Article for additional information.

Paul Herdsman eventually helped to create NICE Global when he realized he could make improving the customer service offerings of a company his life’s work. His company offers many different services that are connected to helping a company to run at its best. This helps them to have the time to be able to focus on growing their business, rather than having to continuously work on internal issues.

Paul Herdsman works with companies to help them set specific goals that they want to reach. After this, he helps them to accomplish these goals. Nice Global is also known for its amazing business culture, and this is something that Paul Herdsman is very proud of.


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A Few Business Lessons From Kimberly Quinlan Bakker


The San Francisco-born, Kimberly Quinlan Bakker grew up in Ross, Marin County. After graduating with honors from Santa Catalina High School, she enrolled for a business course in the University of Southern California in LA. While at the university, Kimberly worked as a volunteer teacher, besides serving in the Panhellenic Board as the women’s advocate.

Before establishing Kimberly Bakker Events – an events management company, she worked for major high-tech organizations in event production. Three years later, Kimberly Bakker events was contracted to work on the most notable sailing regatta, in San Francisco, The Moet Cup. Kimberly boasts of more than 15 years of experience in event planning, fundraising and public relations. Her other achievements include being a founding partner of Le Colonial restaurant. She delivered a successful launch of the well-known restaurant which resulted in the collection of over $5 million in revenue during the first year.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Kimberly Quinlan Bakker reveals a few things about herself. She developed her passion of event planning at a tender age. Kimberly has always loved celebrating the achievements, milestones and accolades of others. As a child, she would organize parties for honored guests including his brothers and animals. With the experience and skills she gathered working with several companies and organizations, alongside her passion, she gathered the confidence to begin her entrepreneurial journey.

Kimberly Bakker is not the kind that is scared of challenges. Instead, she sees them as source of motivation. She listens to her clients’ ideas and expectations, works on them and offers something they couldn’t think of even in their wildest imagination. Bakker believes in dreaming big, ensuring resourcefulness at all times and most importantly, she believes that everything is impossible.

The one trend that excites her is the discussions surrounding the legalization of cannabis and the influx of related products on the market. In some of her events, Kimberly Bakker incorporates cannabis bars where knowledgeable individuals enlighten the guests about the wide array of the cannabis products available and the associated benefits.

Kimberly insists on the importance of organization for every entrepreneur – and more so in event planning. For her, an organization means extensive lists because she cannot afford to miss any detail. Besides her calendar, she utilizes her phone’s organizational tool (mostly checklist in nature). When asked about the one strategy that has helped grow her business, Kimberly talks about offering the best customer service and going the extra mile for clients. Find Related Information Here.

For new mothers looking for inspiration and motherhood tips, Kimberly Bakker recommends a book titled ‘Mitten Strings for God’. She says that the book has come in handy in shaping her style of motherhood.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Childhood, Entrepreneurship, And


Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the biggest businessmen in China. Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and the current CEO of, China’s largest e-commerce company that is valued at $12 billion as of early 2018. He is known to be a business savvy man with intuition and flexibility that enabled him to reach success. Today, is known for its cutting edge technologies in retail, logistics, and innovative technologies.

Born in the town of Suqian in the Jiangsu Province in China, Richard Liu Qiangdong is the son of hard-working coal-shipping parents. Understanding the value of education, his parents encouraged him to take a proper education to become more successful in life and can do his endeavors. He decided to study Sociology in The People’s University of China and earned a Bachelor’s Degree. However, to improve himself and to broaden his skill sets, he learned computer programming during his free time at school.

Richard Liu Qiangdong found his first job in Japan Life, a natural supplement provider where he became the Director of Computers. Realizing that being an employee is not for him, he left Japan Life to begin his own business. Starting up a mortar-and-brick store, he sold magneto-optical products and focused on giving customer satisfaction through good customer service and ease of transaction. In addition, he only sold quality products and avoided counterfeits. Find More Information Here.

After five years of selling, he managed to build 12 branches and named it Jingdong. However, because of the SARS outbreak in 2003, his business almost ceases to exist. Deciding to follow the trend of online shopping, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to move his operations online and renamed Jingdong as 360Buy Jingdong, selling his magneto-optical products.

When his online platform started to thrive, offline businesses decided to make a partnership with him and use his platform to sell their products. Because of this development, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to rename the site to The products and partnership in grew and expanded throughout China within the years.

Time passed by with the continuing growth. In 2014, JD realized a new milestone, being the first China-based company to be publicly traded on NASDAQ. Big Tech companies like Google became JD’s shareholders. Now, held its first ever CES presentation in the latest CES. It just means that is still growing and taking the world by surprises.


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