Rise Of Herbalife Nutrition And Why You Should Join

Herbalife stock looks set to surge strongly upward in 2019 after the year-to-date numbers were calculated in late 2018. Investors are preferring the HLF stock over others recognizing the spike in growth. With their notable product portfolio and presence around the globe, the wellness company is seeing a gain in key markets.

The herbalife stock is up 67%, and the third quarter of 2018 saw an increase of 15%. This led to the second highest amount of volume points in the company’s history and brought it back to the level that it was in 2012 when it was the highest. Also, for the second consecutive period, double-digit depicted growth in volume was seen in four of the top five markets.

Herbalife already has a strong set of products in their portfolio including weight loss, fitness, energy and sports products. But, in the third quarter of last year, the company presented 58 new products across 51 countries around the world. This was likely the cause of the stock increase.

An important cause of this spike in Herbalife is because of its advanced direct sales model. While building the brand and notariety, Herbalife Nutrition has proven to be a lucrative opportunity for independent sales agents. Here are a couple of benefits of the Herbalife direct sales model.

Brand Representation

Herbalife has been around for over 40 years. Throughout decades of steady growth and recognition, it has become a notable brand in the industry. Independent sales agents can be confident in promoting anything from Herbalife including their career opportunities. Representing a company like Herbalife completely streamlines the sales process because many people know about them and their products.

Schedule Flexibility

The direct sales model of doing business accomodates to the lifestyle every individual. You can work part-time or if you want to dedicate yourself, you can go full-time, and the hours depend entirely on you. This motive of operation is often what drives people to a career in direct sales. Income is based on effort in the direct sales world.

Whether you’re a student, a young parent, or just someone looking to get into the industry. Direct sales can be very rewarding, especially for Herbalife Nutrition who is on a market rise and takes care of their sales agents.



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