Anthony Constantinou: A Professor with A Strong Desire To Use Technology To Impact Peoples Lives


The Queen Mary University of London has played a major role in the building of Anthony Constantinou’s career as a Bayesian Networks specialist. Apart from being a lecturer, he is also praising as an assistant professor in the university. At the University, Mr. Constantinou has a chance to exploit well his artificial intelligence talent and expertise. The lecturer’s focus is on Data Mining as well as Machine Learning.

Anthony Constantinou earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Hertfordshire. At the university, he majored on computer science, artificial intelligence option. He proceeded to pursue Masters in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics in the University of Hertfordshire. He was hired by Queen Mary University of London as a teaching assistant and while at it, he tackled Procedural Programming, Software Risk Management as well as Software Engineering.

Constantinou developed a quest for further education. He enrolled for Ph.D. in the university. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council decided to fund his Ph.D. studies fully. At this level, he immersed himself into prediction, risk assessment as well as decision-making. He graduated with his Ph.D. degree and currently, he is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow.

At this level, Anthony Constantinou has directed his efforts towards using Bayesian networks to develop solutions based on artificial intelligence to streamline different aspects of the health sector. He is also working to drive evidence-based decision-making through his ERC project.

Anthony Constantinou did not start off his career along the tech line. Instead, he joined Cypriot National as a military solder. He moved to AgenaRisk where he served as an intern. It did not last long before he became an associate consultant at the firm. Despite his busy schedule at the university, he finds time to offer advisory services on ratings and Bayesian Networks. Get More Information Here.

He has spent a lot of time doing research on Bayesian Networks, specifically, Bayesian Artificial intelligence. He is looking to develop decision-making solutions as well as casual discovery for uncertain times’ solutions. He welcomes any support from organizations and academicians to enable him advance his research that has far-reaching impacts in people’s daily lives.


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