Trabuco Bradesco: A Renowned Banking Guru and Entrepreneur


Trabuco Bradesco is a graduate from São Paulo with a degree in philosophy and a post-graduate from Fundação in Social Psychology.


Trabuco Bradesco began his career at his late teenagehood at Banco Bradesco— Financial services company where he worked as a clerk. He worked tirelessly for over a decade and a half where he mastered various skills and acquired substantial experience that geared him towards becoming successful marketing directing of the same firm. During his tenure at the bank, strategic communication was integrated into the banking system as a move towards modernizing the industry. This led to an establishment of a close relationship between the bank and the media. Trabuco Bradesco was then promoted to be in charge of marketing— a position that made him the face of the bank for over eight years before becoming the CEO of Bradesco Vida e Previdência in the year 1992.

Bradesco Vida e Previdência was a private company that specialized on private pensions. We worked in the firm for six years before being elected as the managing director of Banco Bradesco where he served for less than a year before accepting the seat of the firm’s Executive Vice president. By the year 2003, Trabuco Bradesco has worked at the position of a president for over eight different companies which include Bradesco Seguros. During this period, he, in a joint effort launched the New York Stock Exchange and the ADRS (Bradesco’s shares).

During his time as Bradesco Seguros’s president, the company grew tremendously in a short span, stabilized its leadership, and took control of over a quarter of the United States Market. It doubled in size and drastically improved its performance to the level of becoming the largest company in Latin America which sponsored the biggest marketing actions for twenty consecutive years.

By the year 2009, Trabuco was working as the 4th president of Bradesco Seguros having accumulated over 40 years of experience in the bank while operating at various capacities. In the year 2015, Isto É Dinheiro Magazine enlisted Trabuco as the top entrepreneur of the year in the Latin American financial category for successfully purchasing HSBC.

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