Guilherme Paulus: Bringing Dreams To Life

In 1972 Guilherme Paulus at only 24 decided to actualize his longtime dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He had spent his last six years in two organizations which had taught him a lot about the life of an employee as well as which industry he fitted in and which he did not fit in.

He had started working for IBM as an Intern at nineteen and had quickly realized that he was not cut out for the computing world. This would motivate Guilherme Paulus to apply for a position as a salesman at Casa Faro.

Here he would discover his passion for travel and the tourism industry. Together with one of the deputies at the organization, they decided to start a travel agency. With no money to invest Guilherme Paulus had to earn his 33 percent share of the company by investing expertise and time into the agency moving forward. This would mark the birth of CVC. The company began as a travel agency, but has today grown to become one of the biggest tour operators in Brazil. The company is so established that in 2017 it was able to serve over four million passengers and have a presence in every state in Brazil.

These levels of investment have seen Guilherme Paulus become one of the wealthiest men in Brazil and today he ranks among the Forbes list of billionaires. His commitment to the company has been enduring, and despite selling a controlling stake of the company to a private global equity firm, he still has considerable interest in its day to day operations helping the new investors understand the Brazilian market and grow their market share. The deal was worth a reported 420 million dollars at the time of acquisition.

Guilherme Paulus has used this money as capital to grow his other venture GJP Networks. GJP has interest worth over half a billion dollars in the Brazilian hotel industry and controls quite a large number of the hotels around the major airports in the country. This has been one of the best business decisions Guilherme has made. His hotels are able to attract a lot of foreign tourists based on these strategic locations they hold.

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