Meet the Co-Founder and the General Partner of TMS Health Solutions—Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is the Co-founder and the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. The company focuses on investments of early-stage healthcare firms. Ara Chackerian also serves as the Co-Founder and member of the Board of Directors of TMS Health Solutions. The company focuses on treatments providing transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is given to patients suffering from depression caused by treatment resistance.



His Entrepreneurial Potential



Ara Chackeria is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who has always been involving himself in businesses and investment projects. He has a profession of over 20 years’ experience in helping to build the healthcare institutions, which comes from his genuine interest to help institutions through health technologies and services. He has helped various companies, which include BMC Diagnostic, Embion Links, PipelineRx, and now the TMS Health Solutions, where he is currently working with. He also has excellent skills and commitment that supports the environmental cause and ventures that are related to it. For more details visit




TMS Health Solutions serves with diverse psychiatric treatment for people suffering from depression and issues related to dental health. It also specializes in assisting people with issues of not responding to medication. Because of his great leadership skills, Ara Chackerian has steered the company towards offering very effective and inventive therapies for patients who have such related illnesses. Check out


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Ara Chackerian’s Education Background




Ara Chackerian graduated from the Florida State University with a B.S in Marketing. This influential philanthropist believes in supporting the community. In many years including recently, he has given back and also founded development and education initiatives that support the youths, which are no profitable. As an entrepreneur who has achieved a lot, he believes that what always makes him productive is how calms himself and calculates within natural perspective angles whenever an obstacle comes.




How He Makes Himself Productive




The tactics that Ara Chackerian uses in making himself productively active comes from the fact that he had good clinical practices in psychiatry. After the launch of TMS Health solutions, he managed to bring the physician education to the institution. The significant ideas that he puts across in connecting all basic care provisions will ensure the special needs are served to the depressed patients in every pleasant manner.



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