Video and Their Place in Business

People have always been looking for better forms of communication. Couriers carrying letters back and forth can take weeks on end, and many times never even reached their destination. The invention of the telegraph sped this up significantly, allowing written messages to reach destinations much faster, almost real time as they were being typed. However, these sites still had to be connected via wires. Phones had the same problem. It was not until the invention of the internet that the miles of wire and lines were eliminated. Emails and other forms of text messaging have become an everyday fact of life, both in the casual and professional worlds.

However, what comes after email? Well, a new application called Talk Fusion may have found the answer. The idea behind the application is fairly simple: an app that allows for instantaneous sending of videos with an emphasis on the professional uses of this service. While the premise may seem elementary, this medium of messaging will change business forever, especially marketing. Imagine this; a business is attempting to persuade a supplier to only supply them. This business is on the other side of the country, and the plane flight and hotel costs would be substantial to the business. Instead, Talk Fusion would allow the business to send their entire pitch via video for a fraction of the cost. The counter to this would be the fact that a video can still be sent via regular email, but therein lies the genius of Talk Fusion. While emails with video attachments require a third party application or website, with some degree of waiting being involved, and possibly not working entirely, Talk Fusion allows the video to be watched instantaneously, without need for redirection to another website, or any involvement from a third party application or program.

The marketing uses of this service are bountiful. Instead a sheet with simple words, now a customer will receive the same message, but still be able to see the facial expressions or hear the diction used, allowing for a more precise communication of the intended message. While Skype allows one to video chat over long distances as well, the feed is in real time. This means that a poor internet connection on either side will severely hamper both parties. Also, with a video message, the sender has the ability to read from a prepared script or look at a chart while they read the message, as well as being able to dispose of the video whenever they want, and redo the message. Learn more:

Jeunesse Global demonstrates its product-development versatility with AM PM Essentials

Jeunesse Global ranks among the fastest-growing major corporations in the world. The company was founded just under a decade ago by health and beauty industry pioneers Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The couple had already amassed an impressive track record of founding successful companies. But Ray and Lewis quickly grew bored with retirement. At the same time, they wanted to create a company that would serve as a capstone to a lifetime spent creating great products and helping others reach their financial goals.

This was the fertile ground out of which Jeunesse Global sprang. Ray and Lewis quickly got to work, using their unique and complimentary talents to help grow the fledgling business quickly. Before long, Jeunesse had dozens of distributors on board selling its products. And Lewis was able to tap into her long experience as one of the top product developers in the business, spotting market niches that had gone unfilled by the major health and beauty companies and then creating and delivering innovative and effective products.

One of those products has been the company’s line of multivitamin. AM PM Essentials is a dual-purpose multivitamin that is designed both to help users maintain optimal performance

throughout the day while also allowing them to get a deep, restorative sleep at night. AM PM Essentials is the first multivitamin that is specifically geared towards helping people wind down at night, allowing them to fall asleep reliably and stay asleep for the duration of the night.

Wendy Lewis first spotted the market opportunity for AM PM Essentials way back in 2009. She realized that one of the biggest problems of performance-enhancing substance use during the day, including using energy drinks and caffeine, is that the effects of those stimulants often build up, making it difficult or impossible to fall asleep at night. Unfortunately, this invariably leads to dramatically reduced performance during the day as a result of being sleep deprived. Once this cycle begins, the person needs to use the performance-enhancing substances just to get by.

But with AM PM Essentials, it is a little easier to get the good night’s rest that everyone needs, allowing people to run at peak performance during the day.

Heal N Soothe – Safe, Natural, Effective Pain Relief

Heal N Soothe is a natural anti inflammatory and pain reliever. It has been designed to promote natural healing, faster muscle recovery, as well as a healthy immune response, among other key benefits.

Heal N Soothe’s vegetarian capsules contain proteolytic enzymes, which are designed to fight inflammation, dissolve scar tissue, and cleanse the blood. Heal N Soothe also contains turmeric extract, which has the ability to destroy free radicals in the body, which contribute to pain and swelling. Bromelain, a pineapple extract, is another natural ingredient and has been shown to reduce inflammation and swelling, as well as remove toxins from the blood. Devil’s Claw is another powerful key ingredient and has been demonstrated to be as effective as the common drug phenylbutazone, in treating pain related to arthritis.

The above ingredients are just a few of the natural ingredients in Heal N Soothe which are designed to alleviate pain and inflammation, without the dangerous side effects of traditional prescription medications. While prescription medications can effectively reduce pain and inflammation, they oftentimes create additional unwanted side effects and health problems. The benefit of using an all natural supplement such as Heal N Soothe is these risks are greatly mitigated because the ingredients are naturally occurring, not engineered in a lab.

Heal N Soothe should be taken at least once a day, but can be taken up to three times per day on an empty stomach. It is recommended you take a dose either 30 minutes prior to a meal or 60 minutes after a meal for the best results.

Initially, take two capsules twice a day or four capsules once a day. If you are not experiencing pain relief, you may increase the dosage by one to two capsules per until you find the dosage that works best for your body.

Heal N Soothe can be ordered online at or via telephone, by calling the toll free number 1-800-216-4908. One bottle costs $59.00, but if you enroll in the convenient monthly delivery service, you will receive $10 off of every bottle. There is even a 90 day money back guarantee offered because the company is so confident in the benefits this product can deliver.

Vinod Gupta Helping Others

The life story of Vinod Gupta is incredible to hear. Despite being born into poverty, Vinod Gupta was able to have a successful career in the business world. He was born in a poor village in India. Throughout his childhood, he had little access to things like running water or electricity.
He went to college and then joined the Indian Air Force. Although he advanced quickly in the military, he wanted to move to the United States to pursue a business degree. After gaining acceptance to the University of Nebraska, he graduated with an MBA and started working.


Vinod Gupta has had a successful career owning and operating companies. Many business leaders ask for his advice on various subjects. Vinod Gupta’s real passion in his life is his charity work. He firmly believes that business leaders should use their capital and network to help others.

Vinod Gupta recently donated money to build a school in India for women. There are many parts of India where females are not treated the same as men. Vinod Gupta wants to donate as much money as possible to causes that he believes in. During his career, he has given millions of dollars to charities around the world.

Future Plans

Vinod Gupta is currently working with Everest Group as a managing partner. Everest Group is a company that assists new business owners. When starting a business, few people have the cash or experience to have success. With Vinod Gupta’s success in starting a company, he is the perfect person to offer assistance for new business leaders. Although Vinod Gupta could retire, he plans to continue working for the foreseeable future.

Jeff Herman: Defender of the Innocence and persecutor of Sexual Injustices

The Child Victims Act has been a matter of hot contention in the United States Senate for the better part of their term in office. The newest soldiers to join the fight have been an actor and activist Corey Feldman and a USA national team volleyball player Sarah Powers-Bernhard. They have formed a strong coalition tagging themselves as ‘New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators’. Their motive has received momentum and support from various strongholds who also want the Child Victims Act to finally pass as legislative action. The Senate bill which is sponsored by D-Manhattan, Brad Hoylman is aimed at eliminating all statutes of limitations when it comes to child sexual abuse cases in the state of New York. The bill would also allow that all civil action lawsuits no-matter the time filled be heard within a period of one year as opposed to the five-year time limit which is stipulated by the current statute of limitations.
Over recent years the Senate has passed different versions of the same bill, Linda Rosenthal recently wrote one. According to a Quinnipiac Poll done by the Senate Democrats, the bill is likely to go through as it has the support of over 90% of New Yorkers.
Jeff Herman is a well renown advocate in cases of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. He has the qualities anyone who has a sexual abuse trial in court would want to be represented by. He is both talented, passionate and skilled and has a massive streak of wins under his belt. Jeff Herman has devoted most of his time and resources including his law firm; Herman Law to the representation of victims of sexual abuse. Herman is a pioneer in the area of child abuse, having based his practice upon defending the innocence that has been defiled.
Jeff Herman is a founding partner at Herman Law. Herman has been at the helm of this fight exposing nationwide sexual predators for over a decade. He even won a milestone victory against Rev. Neil Doherty who was accused by his client for sexual abuse. Herman has made news headlines, exposing sexual scandals in the clergy and in large institutions shunning the accused and exposing them plus the institutions which tend to protect them. He is considered by many as a modern day hero.

Gregory Aziz Traverses The Future With National Steel Car

As one of the leaders in rail transport production, National Steel Car has a rich history of ownership. National Steel Car was founded by five prominent businessmen in 1912 with Sir Johnson Morrison Gibson in the mix. National Steel Car’s first few business years exceeded the anticipations of its stakeholders, and because of good timing and the right opportunity it was able to secure large quantities of box car orders given by the Canadian Pacific Railway. In 1919 Robert Magor owner of Magor Car Corporation and Baltimore’s Donald Symington offered to purchase the company. After the transaction was completed the company became National Steel Car Corporation Limited.


1In its earlier heyday, business could not have been better for National Steel Car before the economy’s depression occurred during the 1930s. At that time, the company was already having issues in dealing with the diverse requirements it needs to be competitive and simultaneously deteriorated from the absence of orders. There was a time when the company even had to accept orders to manufacture motor boat outboards, motor trucks, and bus bodies just to keep operations going.


Dofasco bought National Steel Car in 1962 and eventually sold it to Hamilton Corporation National Industries Inc’s owner Gregory James Aziz. Gregory James Aziz is from London, Ontario and he is an alumnus of Ridgely College and the University of Western Ontario.


After he graduated from college, Greg James Aziz found his first employment with their family business – Affiliated Foods. The family venture is in the buy and sell of wholesale food from countries located in the South Americas and in Europe. After procuring the goods in bulk, it sells them to wholesale food stores in Eastern Canada and across the United States.


When his employment with Affiliated Foods ended, Gregory James Aziz served with several financial banks in New York from 1980 to 1990. In 1994 he found a way to procure National Steel Car from Dofasco and proceeded to build its ailing finances and workforce. In the four years after Greg Aziz bought National Steel Car, the company was only able to finish 3,500 cars per annum. But when 1999 came the company was now producing 12,000 cars yearly and there was also a substantial increase in the number of its employees, which rose from 600 to 3,000 as of the cited year. Click Here to learn more.


As National Steel Car continues to excel in the industry, it likewise focuses on doing business with other untapped areas and regions across the globe.


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Ara Chackerian Funding Health Companies

Ara Chackerian is a successful investor who has helped numerous companies become successful. Although he owns his own company, he also invests capital in new business opportunities. He primarily focuses on the medical industry. Over the past few years, the medical industry has changed greatly. Many people simply want additional healthcare options for the future. With the cost of care increasing at a rapid rate, Ara Chackerian believes that the medical field is a great place to start a company.


Ara Chackerian went to college at Florida State University. He made a lot of friends while he was in school. He also received quality mentorship from leaders in the business world. He graduated with a degree in marketing and immediately started working in the corporate world.

He quickly decided that he did not enjoy working for a large company. Instead, he wanted to own his own company. Without any prior experience, he started a small business. He had to struggle for many years, but he did have success making the company profitable.

Angel Investing

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor who looks for companies that are just starting out. Investing in new companies is extremely risky. There are many examples of Ara Chackerian losing money on his investments. However, he enjoys the process of analyzing new companies. He also likes giving advice to new business owners. He remembers how difficult it was to succeed in the early stages of a new business. You can search on Google for more.

Giving Back to Others

With his wealth, Ara Chackerian wants to positively impact other people. He gives time and money to various charities that he believes in. He plans to spend more time and money on charities in the coming years. He firmly believes that successful business owners should use their resources to help other people throughout the world.

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Medical inventions facilitated by Saad Saad

Saad Saad wanted to become an engineer when he was growing up. Several years later, the doctor is happy that he decided to change his career path so that he could assist young people dealing with any kind of illness. Saad is a respected pediatric surgeon who is currently living in America. Although he came from a low-income family, Saad has done his best to make a living for his family. The doctor went to live in America more than forty seven years ago, and he has managed to live a very fulfilling life. The physician is always looking for better ways of ensuring that the procedures in the medical profession are effective to the people getting treatment. Saad has always challenged the other doctors in the world to go an extra mile so that they can reduce the pain of the patients and the risk they have during treatment. In his forty decade career in surgery, the doctor has managed to perform thousands of complicated surgeries, and he has also saved many lives. While serving as a doctor in America, Saad has introduced the following medical procedures:

Catheter that has Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device
Catheters in the medical world have so many functions. Doctors use these tubes so that they can insert into the human body to treat a wide range of conditions or some time help when performing a surgery. These instruments assist when the doctor wants to drain excess fluids and gasses. There are some special catheters that can be left to stay in the human body permanently or temporarily. Due to the amount of experience Saad has acquired in the medical profession, the doctor has created a device that easily assists the doctors to locate a catheter that has been inserted in the body of a patient. Patients do not have to undergo complicated medical procedures to get the catheters in their body.

The medical doctor has also devised a special equipment to assist doctors when accessing their equipment in the body of a patient. Saad says that he chose to invent these equipment several years ago because he wanted the best for the patients who are forced to undergo surgery because of their conditions. His inventions have benefited so many doctors who want to save the life of their patients in the best and most practical way. It is easy to avoid scans and other medical procedures when locating a catheter that has been inserted into the body. Saad is happy because his devices have assisted very many people in the world. Many people from all over the world have used his inventions to make their surgeries successful, and they owe all their success to Saad Saad. Learn more:

Study And Case Of Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is a director of the functions and programs concerning the Institute of Ismaili studies as a dental hygienist where he worked on the teeth of patients and clients who had trouble with their dental health. He also stands, leads, and coordinates what goes on in those specific areas where the institutions are actively up and running.

He has also obtained a role at Sussex Health Care as Joint Chairman where he and the staff offer nursing services as needed to the individual client’s medical situation. Shafik Sachedina has received many awards concerning his work with the health care systems he is in charge of and responsible to. These include his two terms as the president of the Ismaili Council which is located in the United Kingdom, and being an active associate and member of Aga Khan development network community where further contributions have been made to society at large.

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Shafik Sachedina attended school at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental University in London where he was able to practice his art of being a dentist to suffering clients with dental health issues three years after he graduated from the institution. It is also where he possessed qualification’s as a certified and accredited dental surgeon in the area of London.

Shafik Sachedina’s work experience is undoubtedly interesting as this man has held many position’s as a chairman of FOCUS, which is a humanitarian assistance international committee engaged to help the community as deemed necessary. He is also a member of the institution’s board of governors as a leading body, which is somewhat allusive to his other leading roles attributed to his work at Sussex Health Care, the Institute of Ismaili Studies, the Aga Khan development network community, and FOCUS. All of these thus contribute to his vocational experience and life work, and thus conclude in detail the study and case of Shafik Sachedina.