Reverse Showrooming Techniques Pave The Way For Fabletics And Kate Hudson’s Success

The Online retail industry has changed the way the people of the world are conducting their shopping and led to Amazon becoming one of the dominant forces in the fashion clothing sector. The arrival of Fabletics in the fashion retail sector has been followed by a dedicated plan to build on the initial success of the athletics wear company which has been one of the first to dent the success of Amazon in the Online retail industry; TechStyle founders, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler believe they have been among the first to find a way of avoiding the issue of “showrooming” many companies have used as the reason for closing down their physical locations.


Just what is showrooming? Many retailers now state their stores are full and clothing tried on by potential customers who find the size and style to suit before returning home to order for a cheaper price Online. Fabletics may have built its success on the creation of an Online subscription-only retail outlet which uses complex algorithms to determine which clothing suits the lifestyle of the individual through a quiz each person should complete to get their own individualized clothing options from the Fabletics brand. “Reverse showrooming” has been a major source of the success of Fabletics in a technique the company believes has made major changes to the level of success it has seen in recent years.


Many Online retailers have sought out the pop-up store as the top way of bringing success to their brand but Fabletics has established a number of physical locations across the U.S. to allow customers the chance to explore the entire range of clothing available to them from the brand. Members can use their privileges from their monthly range of clothing sent to them to choose the clothing in the physical store and update the options sent to them from a brand using technology to seek out the best options for looking good while staying active.


Kate Hudson may be best-known for her success as an actress but she is now becoming almost as famous for her role as the leading brand ambassador and founding partner of Fabletics. Kate Hudson admits her learning curve as a business person has been steep but she has become go-to for customers to explore the range of options open to them in new clothing and customer service with the aid of the award-winning actress.

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