Omar Boraie, The Man Who Changed New Brunswick

Omar Boraie and Boraie Development have truly changed the face of New Brunswick. Real estate has been going down for a while now in certain areas around the country. It is good that New Jersey is doing better. Most of this has to do with people like Omar Boraie and companies like Boraie Development. They are building up new units that people want very much. There is a real boom. More and more people are looking to buy these units. This creates a larger demand. With more people moving, it also creates a demand for new local businesses to open up. This makes sure that the economy in general is doing well.

A good case in point is New Brunswick. Rutgers University is located there. However, it had been in decline for years. It was not a city that was rising. People were afraid to walk around after dark. The streets would be empty. New houses were not being built. It did help when Johnson and Johnson decided to set up shop in the city. However, when the city got a real turnaround was when Omar Boraie stepped in.

Omar Boraie has seen how people have been rebuilding cities in Europe. He knew that he could do the same thing. That is why he decided to buy up a block of twenty one old dilapidated buildings. People thought that he was crazy at the time. However, he knew exactly what he was doing. He could see way into the future. He turned those buildings into storage units. He renovated them or built new buildings. He did not stop at storage units but built residential units as well.

According to NJ Spotlight, The Aspire, which is an upscale residential complex that Omar Boraie has built, truly adds to the value of the city. New Brunswick has certainly changed. It is now a popular city with more and more people moving in. The units at the Aspire are being gobbled up fast. It helps that there are many amenities available for the people who are moving in. Omar Boraie has more in store for New Brunswick. He is planning new projects, and you can be sure that they will be just as popular and high quality as before, and that the city will continue to flourish because of them. Omar has connections with the right contractors who know how to get things done. You can search more details on Yahoo.

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