Penn West Acquires A New Name

There are very many companies in the modern market that have been specializing in the energy market. This is because the sector is believed to be profitable, especially when the leaders have all the knowledge required to survive the tough economic times. For several decades, only the wealthy individuals in the society have been investing in this industry because of the amount of capital that is needed. The few consumers who invest in this area make a lot of money. Sometimes, however, these investors can make huge losses, especially when there is a significant drop in the prices of fuel and oil. The only people who can survive in the complicated market are those that have a lot of expertise in the energy markets —  among them is Obsidian Energy.


Obsidian Energy, formerly known as Penn West, is a well-known energy company that has been making headlines in the modern times. The energy company has been operational for a while now, and it is slowly earning the trust of consumers in the world because of the quality of services it has been offering the customers. The institution is currently considered to be among the fastest growing energy companies that are found in the United States at the moment. Getting to the top position in the complicated industry has been a complex and painful journey for the firm. The leadership of the firm has been dedicated to making sure that the investors and consumers never get a chance to complain about the quality of services they get from the firm. These leaders have all the knowledge that is available in the energy world, and this has made them experts when it comes to making any complex decisions in the market. The investors in the firm have nothing to worry about because their investment is always in the right hands.


Although Obsidian has been very successful, it has to deal with numerous challenges. Because the management is only focused on delivering the best services to the consumers, the company has remained unmoved by these challenges. Just recently, the institution announced that it would be changing its name. According to the firm, the institution will be operating under the name of Obsidian Energy. The new name will be used in less than five working days. Investors will not be affected by the change of name in any way.


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The Rise of Obsidian Energy Company

It is a company which is based in Canada. It was previously known as Penn West Exploration Ltd. The company focusses in production of oil and natural gases. The company has been doing well for a long time not until in the year 2014 when it received financial difficulty. The financial difficult was as a result of falling in the price of the oil. The company experienced difficulty to a point where some of the assets were sold.



However, the company underwent some changes in the pursuit of reforming. That is when the company was renamed to Obsidian Energy Petroleum to pursue modest growth. The management knew very well that the extension would not come automatically and they recognized that extra efforts need to be put in place. All the reforms were to ensure that there was consistency in growth for the next three years. After the resolution, 92 percent of the shareholders voted in favor of the decision. According to Dave French who is the CEO, the company chose the name because the Obsidian is a naturally occurring company.



After some years of hard work and dedication, Obsidian was able to survive enormous debts. The assets were sold, and the company was able to reduce its debt to $384 million. All the focus was in sharpening the of the vital production sectors. The other thing that was done to deal with the crisis is to reduce the number of the employees. Apparently, the company is based on discipline, relentless passion for the work. Obsidian has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff.



The shareholders must be accountable to nay activities that take pave in the company. This is the secret that has made Obsidian Energy to emerge stronger despite the challenges that were experienced in the previous years. Every company has some goals set aside and every other worker needs to work towards the realization of the goals. All the assets are strategically placed and there are able to provide a platform for the growth and deliver services to the clients. It is a clever way employed by the company to ensure that they achieve their goals.


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Here Is What Makes Matt Badiali A Guru in the Natural Resource Sector

Education and Work Background

Matt Badiali graduated from Penn State University with Bachelors of Science degree majoring in Earth Sciences. He holds a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Matt has taught geology at Duke University and later transferred to teach at the University of North Carolina. It was at the University of North Carolina that he got a call from a famous financial expert that changed his career course. Matt joined the financial expert on a particular project that involved traveling the world to do research that will be used to invest in the mining and natural resource sector. The financial expert also taught Mr. Badiali about investing.

Badiali is currently working at Banyan Hill Publishing as a natural resource investment guru. He also does research and recommends investment opportunities in the energy and agriculture sectors. Matt is ranked among renowned natural resources specialists in the investment segment.


Why Matt Badiali Is a Natural Resource Expert

Being a geologist and a financial analyst is what made Matt an expert in the energy, natural resource, and mining industries. He has over 20 years of research in the sector. Being a geologist has allowed him to identify certain things like the potential of a particular drilling company when he goes down to investigate the site. This helps him make informed decisions and at the end gain high profits. Matt has worked for an environmental firm as a consultant and also as a geologist for a drilling company.

Matt goes by the approach “boots on the ground” since to him it is the safest way to invest. According to him, one does not have a clear picture of what goes on until you see it for yourself. He has toured the world doing research. The countries he has traveled to include but not limited to Iraq, Switzerland, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Turkey, and Hong Kong. His approach has allowed him to interact with many precious metals specialists, CEOs of mining companies and natural resource investors and this has helped him know about the technology trends and discoveries. He has talked with famous individuals like Rossy Beaty, T. Boone Pickens and his mentor, the Chief Executive Officer of Sprott U.S. Holdings, Rick Rule.

Matt Badiali’s success comes from being passionate about tracing down exceptional and profitable investment opportunities for his audience. He has spent over a decade researching and writing about investments in the natural resource sector.

Palladium is in a relentless bull market. The price of the silvery-gray metal soared in early 2016. The price more than…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Jeremy L. Goldstein-A great individual and a good leader

Jeremy L. Goldstein is an excellent advisor to many organizations due to his leadership skills in everything he does. He is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. Working at the firm he gets involved advising the committees, the Chief Executive Officers and the team that manages the Boutique Law Firm. Apart from owning his company, Jeremy was a partner at several law firms which included Lipton and Wachtell among others.

Mr. Goldstein has worked with many organizations in the past decade for example Attainment of Goodrich by the united skills. He is a chair of the Mergers and Achievement Subcommittee of the Management Compensation Board. He is a great writer and a speaker majoring on corporate authority as well as Executive Reimbursement Board of the American Bar association.

Jeremy Goldstein shared his wisdom by explaining how knockout options help employers. This method has highly enabled his employees to understand the stock options hence able to do the business in a very convenient way. It has contributed towards additional wages, a better insurance coverage and also equity. The method boosts personal earnings in case the organization’s portion worth rises whereby the people can rank the company’s success. It encourages the employees to be engaged at their firms as it also adds to their benefit.

Jeremy L. Goldstein was able to come up with several solutions whereby he emphasized on adopting the right strategy to avoid excessive costs which may affect the entire organization. The knockout method helps in reducing the accounting costs. This technique highly favors the performance of the whole team hence able to improve on the production of the entire organization. The solution helps the employees to have a rough incentive to stop a firm’s stock value from reducing beneath the penalization edge. Jeremy L. Goldstein appeared in several journals which relate to business matters.


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Omar Boraie, The Man Who Changed New Brunswick

Omar Boraie and Boraie Development have truly changed the face of New Brunswick. Real estate has been going down for a while now in certain areas around the country. It is good that New Jersey is doing better. Most of this has to do with people like Omar Boraie and companies like Boraie Development. They are building up new units that people want very much. There is a real boom. More and more people are looking to buy these units. This creates a larger demand. With more people moving, it also creates a demand for new local businesses to open up. This makes sure that the economy in general is doing well.

A good case in point is New Brunswick. Rutgers University is located there. However, it had been in decline for years. It was not a city that was rising. People were afraid to walk around after dark. The streets would be empty. New houses were not being built. It did help when Johnson and Johnson decided to set up shop in the city. However, when the city got a real turnaround was when Omar Boraie stepped in.

Omar Boraie has seen how people have been rebuilding cities in Europe. He knew that he could do the same thing. That is why he decided to buy up a block of twenty one old dilapidated buildings. People thought that he was crazy at the time. However, he knew exactly what he was doing. He could see way into the future. He turned those buildings into storage units. He renovated them or built new buildings. He did not stop at storage units but built residential units as well.

According to NJ Spotlight, The Aspire, which is an upscale residential complex that Omar Boraie has built, truly adds to the value of the city. New Brunswick has certainly changed. It is now a popular city with more and more people moving in. The units at the Aspire are being gobbled up fast. It helps that there are many amenities available for the people who are moving in. Omar Boraie has more in store for New Brunswick. He is planning new projects, and you can be sure that they will be just as popular and high quality as before, and that the city will continue to flourish because of them. Omar has connections with the right contractors who know how to get things done. You can search more details on Yahoo.

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Obsidian Energy – The Oil and Natural Gas Company

Obsidian Energy Limited (previously known as the Penn West Energy Trust, Penn West Petroleum, as well as the Penn West Exploration Ltd.) is a mid-sized Canadian company for that specialize in the production of oil and natural gas. The company is based in Calgary city, in Alberta, Canada.


For a while, when Obsidian Energy Ltd. was among the S&P/TSX 60 index, the 60 largest companies that were listed Toronto Stock Exchange. From the year 2005 to 2011, it was a CANROY (Canadian Royalty Trust), and it managed to reach a peak market capitalization which was on Jan. 2008 of roughly USD 9.5 billion.


The oil and gas fields of Obsidian are situated in Alberta, at the WCSB (Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin), which is a region that is among the largest petroleum reserves in the world. Production comes from the three main areas in Alberta: The Alberta Viking, Peace River oil sands, as well as the Pembina Cardium. The total production in the year 2017 is anticipated to average roughly 31,000 bbl. equivalent each day.


According to the article in the BOE Report, the Penn West Petroleum announced that their shareholders had changed its brand name to Obsidian Energy Ltd. on 26 June 2017. In conjunction with their name changing, their stock symbol was replaced with OBE on the New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange.


David French, the Chief Executive Officer, and President commented that they were pleased to acknowledge the last step in their transformation with the change of the company’s name to Obsidian Energy.


As Obsidian Energy started a new chapter in their story, they are going to guide their three principles. These principles are disciplined technical plus commercial decision-making to build as well as protect the value of the enterprise, relentless pursuit of innovation and progress, and accountable as well as transparent efforts with their partners, shareholders, plus the communities in which the company operates.


David continued saying that Obsidian Energy Ltd. is positioned well with a healthy balance sheet, the right assets, as well as a reasonable hedging strategy that is going to allow Obsidian to be capable of setting a standard for performance and this is even in environments that are a lower price. Go Here To Learn More.

Mike Baur: Changing the dynamics of startups in Switzerland

Mike Baur is some of the emerging big names in the tech business industry in Switzerland. He is the founder of Swiss Startup Factory, which is a startup company that is mentoring new entrepreneurs with startup ideas in the country. The startup factory runs an incubator program which offers mentoring and coaching services as well as funding to ideas that prove to have great potential.


Mike Baur has been brilliant since he was young. The Wall Street says that he started his career in banking at the age of 16. By the time he left the banking sector, he had worked for more than 20years. He joined the UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) as an intern after completing his college education. He later proved to be very knowledgeable on financial matters and the management decided to offer him a long-term contract that would see him work for the bank for the rest of his life. At UBS he was appointed a financial advisor. In this role, he managed to offer financial advice to the wealthy and mighty in the Switzerland. In 2008, he left the bank effects of the 2008 global economic recession.


After leaving UBS, Mike Baur joined another bank in Zurich. He joined Clariden Leu, a bank that had been formed at the time following the amalgamation of different small banks. He worked for six years, until 2014, when he quit work in the banking sector and sought to try entrepreneurship.


In 2014, Mike Baur and a college mate Max Meister founded the biggest independently owned startups factory in Zurich. The idea to start this company came as a result of the observation he made while working in the banks. He witnessed that, many businesses were failing due to lack of knowledge and skills on the part of entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur noted that although many people wanted to seek financial freedom through entrepreneurship, most of them had not invested time and devotion to seeking the necessary knowledge first. He created the company to offer solutions to this problem.


The startup factory has a three-month program twice every year. Those who enroll in the program enjoy the advantages of meeting experts and experienced entrepreneurs with whom they could share their ideas. The entrepreneurs also have the advantage of being taught how to market their products alongside creating business creating business networks that can benefit their businesses in growth. On top of it all, Mike Baur provides rent-free offices for the business.


Obsidian Energy Has Restructured Its Business Model

Recently Penn West Petroleum re-branded to Obsidian Energy. The company plans to position itself strategically in the Canadian Market so that it can attract modest growth in the short-term period of close to three years. One of the strategies that the company will employ to ensure that it’s on a profit-making trail is limiting its spending budgets to the prevailing prices of oil and gas.


During a meeting to discuss the change of identity for Penn West Petroleum, 92 percent of the shareholders voted in favor of the new status Obsidian Energy. The inspiration behind the name obsidian came from a naturally occurring volcanic glass called obsidian. The glass has the unusual characteristic that allows it to be sharpened and honed. Dave French, the CEO of the company, expressed his optimism about the future growth of the business.


Over the past few years, Penn West has experienced turmoil in its business with soaring debts threatening the future of the company. However, the company managed to weather all the challenges by settling all its lawsuits last year. To bounce back, Penn West had to liquidate some of its assets so that it could reduce its debt portfolio. The company has also narrowed its business scope to only four critical areas of production from the initial thirty.


Obsidian Energy has also restructured its business model by downsizing the number of employees on its payroll. Obsidian has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Initially, the company had 1,400 employees, but at the moment, the number is down to 300.


At the moment Obsidian is ranked as a medium-size oil and gas producer. The firm boasts of a high-quality asset portfolio that has the capacity of churning over 30,000 barrels of oil every day.


Obsidian Energy’s asset base and the organization structure the company has adopted provide the right foundation for the firm to take off. Also, an entrepreneurial culture and the values that have been inculcated by the management enable the business to record bottom-line results.


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Obsidian Energy is a firm that is founded on the principles of discipline, passion, and humanity. Most of the employees at the company are relentless in their pursuit for better results for the business. Obsidian’s management and stakeholders believe that the enterprise is a force of change in the communities it operates.


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