Paul Mampilly Is A Successful Investor With Platinum Advice

     As a successful investor, Paul Mampilly has won awards, managed hedge funds, and multi-million-dollar accounts. He believes food companies represent an amazing opportunity for investors. Since the millennials are the first generation without cooking skills, food companies must cater to their preferences. This could result in excellent opportunities on the stock market. Millennials spend approximately $50 every week dining out. As they have children, they must have ways to cook and feed their kids.

There are food delivery services who deliver the ingredients necessary to cook a meal, and pre-cooked meals. Paul Mampilly has drawn attention to the high education of the millennials. This means they research their food, have seen the obesity rate, diabetes, and food allergies. They want convenient dining with health, and nutrition. According to Paul Mampilly, this is the perfect time to purchase stock in food companies who meet these criteria.

Paul Mampilly achieved the type of success that enables people to retire by the time they reach forty. After one of his private accounts had returns of 76 percent, he won the investment competition with the Templeton Foundation. He has shared his investment advice on CNBC, and Bloomberg, and is the founder of Profits Unlimited. He left India when he was young and has made his mark on the world of business for 25 years. His investments in a muscular dystrophy drug, and Netflix were partially why he could retire at 42.

Paul Mampilly believes precision medicine is an excellent investment. This is the process of using an individual’s genetic information and medical history in the treatment and diagnosis of numerous medical conditions. The technology provides more accuracy in a doctor’s diagnosis, and enables personalized treatments. Doctors can use precision medicine to find an individual’s symptoms in a big database. This makes targeting different illnesses much easier. The millennials will be able to access this new healthcare as they age, making this a good field for the purchasing of stocks.

Paul Mampilly additionally sees promise in investing in the car industry. The technology is consistently making improvements in vehicles including better safety features, fuel efficiency, and smart cars. He believes this is a promising area for future investments.


Todd Lubar Helps Bring Prospective Business Owners Close to Great Real Estate Deals

Todd Lubar of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, knows firsthand how it feels to have a deal go bad. It was this failure that helped Todd to keep moving. The deal that Todd had been working on had gone sour and when it did, this caused him to start back at the beginning. After restarting, Todd knew he had to play the game using different pieces, opening different doors and using more desire to reach the level he needed to reach.

Todd ( knows how difficult it can be for people who are looking to own a home. When it comes to locating a good buy, home owners are confused due to the amount of home finding sites there are on the internet. It is easy for them to become overwhelmed and exhausted. The trouble with these sites however is that often times, they are not kept up to date. Todd hopes that one day, a good business opportunity will open and allow for someone to make this area a success for home owners.

When it comes to helping to keep Todd Lubar focused, there is one thing that he swears by. What is it you ask? A Fitbit. This one gadget helps keep Todd on track at all times. It will keep track of how much sleep he is getting, it helps him to get into shape by tracking his movements and it also keeps him in touch with his own desires. It has also helped to keep in close with co-workers by allowing them to create a contest amongst the workplace.

According to, Todd first started out in real estate back in 1995. From there, Todd marveled at every facet of the real estate business and therefore his desire to help others came about. He started out as working at Crestar Mortgage as the loan originator of the company and then from there, Todd made relationships with a number of real estate agents, CPA’s as well as financial planners and insurance agents.

Todd made the jump to Legacy Financial Group in 1999 and then in 2002, Todd opened up Legendary Properties, LLC. This residential company helped many others by purchasing, rehabbing and then selling over 200 real estate deals. Visit for more info.