U.S. Money Reserve: Winning two Adsphere Awards in two consecutive years

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 by some gold market experts who saw the need to bring together expert knowledge, high-quality customer service, and the need to provide relevant guidance before purchasing valuable metals like gold and silver. U.S. Money Reserve boosts of great customer relations by providing quality services that consider each customer and his/ her satisfaction. Their services are provided by a team of over 100 experienced, knowledgeable professionals.


U.S. Money Reserve is the leading supplier of U.S and foreign government issued silver, gold, and platinum coins. They have had thousands of customers who had a chance of gaining from the many financial benefits of possessing the precious metals. U.S. Money Reserve works hard towards the provision of the most extraordinary U.S government issued silver, platinum, and gold coins in the market. The company has won many customer confidence and over the years and they have been able to choose coins that affords the highest value with help of the professionals in the company. Due the wise decisions and advice from the company professionals, the clients have made profits now.


U.S. Money Reserve won Awards in 2 categories from the Adsphere Awards. The Adsphere Awards are presented by the DRMetrix and they are meant to honor the leading network cable brands and advertisers in the direct-response television (DRTV) industry. The U.S Money reserve was honored in the extremely competitive direct response television industry with two categories awards in the best Infomercials and an Award for short films products. The U.S. Money Reserve is motivated by the Awards and is working more in the provision of creative works that best reflects the company’s brand. The company won the Awards for the second consecutive year and attributes it to the great media, production, and marketing teams.


Adsphere Awards recognize advertisers in different categories and monitors over 120 national networks and has spotted over 7700 direct response and brand-direct varieties. The Awards are divided into 20 main categories and 145 sub-categories including lead generation, 28.5 infomercials, short-form products and brand/ direct.


U.S. Money Reserve exhibits exemplary creativity and client popularity that made it get the Awards. The Awards came after the company’s exclusive designation to supply the U.S gold coins of the 65th Anniversary of the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II coin set, produced by the Perth Mint. U.S. Money Reserve also does exclusive distribution of the 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor coin series.


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From humble beginnings to an industry titan – The journey of Guilherme Paulus

     Growing up Guilherme Paulus was not as well exposed to opportunities as he is today. He came from a humble family that would not at the time afford to put him through medical school despite his will to pursue the same. Today, however the father of two can take his children anywhere they want and still not dent his pocket. Having joined the Forbes list of billionaires Guilherme Paulus is considered to be one of the wealthiest individuals in Brazil with investments spread out all over the country. His knack for business has been nurtured over the last forty years since he founded CVC at 24. This is the tour company that is currently considered the largest in Latin America. The group has also ventured into other areas and is now more of a conglomerate. Considered the “Midas of tourism” by many in the country, he has mainly invested in this lucrative sector. His knowledge of the sector and influence in it saw him elected by the president to be a member of the country’s Tourism Board. He has been a believe in value investing where he has been able to spot opportunities far into the future and capitalizing on them before they dawn on competitors. This was especially true when Guilherme Paulus started bidding for opportunities to build hotels near airports as early as 2009 which were geared towards the 2014 world cup and the 2016 summer Olympics. This is the kind of vision that saw private equity firms invest in the GJP group injecting capital of up to four hundred million dollars into this venture. This level of investment enabled GJP to grow its footprint in Brazil to astonishing levels. The groups, resorts and hotels are generating more revenues quarter on quarter as compared to the previous year and are handling approximately ninety thousand clients yearly while employing almost two thousand directly. Guilherme Paulus considers this rapid creation of employment opportunities as one of his highest achievements considering the numbers that tour operator CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A already employs. He continues to scout for opportunities in Brazil and hopefully beyond. At 68 and serving as chairman of the board of directors at CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A he believes this is a prime time to take more risks as the company is strong enough to handle any shocks while at the same time the Brazilian tourism industry is booming rapidly.

Learn more at http://www.travel3.com.br/sem-categoria/mais-uma-empresa-com-a-marca-de-guilherme-paulus/.

New Auditorium Named For Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

At the young age of 15, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva decided that he wanted to enter the field of law. He pursued his dream at PUC-São Paulo where he earned his degree. He continued his studies at the school earning his masters and later on doctorate degress. He also graduated with a teaching degree in law. All of these credentials have made him a well sought after man. He brings to his practice an extensive knowledge base and uses that in his judicial court. He began working in the court system as first a substitute judge and then as a permanent member in 1983.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was recently honored by his Alma Mater when they built a new auditorium. The school, where he continues to teach to this day, named the auditorium after him because of his dedication to his craft. Attendees at the affair included many of his colleagues and his family. In his speech, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva noted that none of his accomplishments could have been done without their support. He stated that he felt very humbled by the honor.


He has published 13 books throughout his career and has over 40 articles of his printed in law journals. This is quite an accomplishment for a man from very humble beginnings. His wife and two daughters, who were present at the dedication ceremony, feel that his honesty and loyalty to his craft is what has brought him to where he is now. All of the speakers at the ceremony gave credit to Marco Antonio Marques da Silva for helping them in their careers as well. He has worked tirelessly with anyone who needs help.


Along with all of his business accomplishments, he is also known for the number of charities that he works with. He believes that he has a debt to repay to the community who helped him along his path. He works with underprivileged children in order to show them that they too can become successful. He knows that with study and patience, anyone can achieve their dreams and he is living proof of that.

Perry Mandera Of The Custom Companies

Perry Mandera is a leading force in the world of transportation. His exceptional business model led to a successful company that has worked with small business and the top Fortune 100 companies. More importantly, the businessman with decades of transportation experience, is using his platform and fortune for generous acts of giving to others.


The Custom Company was started in the 1980s. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company was able to scale to such massive success because of its business model of offering business owners an array of services to meet their logistics needs. Business owners are allowed to choose from one or all of these following services by the Custom Company: air freight forwarding, LTL and services for cartage. Hundreds of people are employed throughout the United States to cater to the logistic supply chain this company has.


Perry Mandera began Custom Cares at his company. The purpose of Custom Cares was to be a charity that gave back to the local people of Chicago who are in need. The charity participates with many youth events and youth sports group. The charity makes an effort to be apart of environmental efforts. When natural disasters strike, Custom Cares rushes to aid people with food and supplies. Transportation is always available for those going through devastating natural disasters.


Perry Mandera has worked with other organizations to serve American veterans. Working with Hiring Our Heroes and Marines For Life, Perry Mandera has been able to help veterans battling serious illnesses such as cancer. He has also worked with the American Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Mostly, his charitable work has gone to underprivileged children needing guidance and support in Chicago, Illinois.


Perry Mandera is more than a prosperous businessman. He is very passionate about charity and giving back to the very same community that led to his massive success. His philanthropic work is just as noteworthy and known in the community as his leading transportation company. He is a great example of what it is to use one’s success to do great things for people and the community.


Johanan Rand: Healthy Aging Program for Seniors

Johanan Rand is the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Center. The center treats patients ailing from all the impacts of aging. Johanan Rand is located in West Orange, New Jersey. The blend of therapies that work together to produce more fabulous results than any other treatment makes the system that was developed by Johanan revolutionary. The center maintains the highest standards of care to its patients by carefully reviewing every single medical procedure. Johanan went to the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York to get his training.


Johanan founded the clinic, Healthy Aging Medical Center after he got a board certification in the field of anti-aging medicine, functional medicine, and regenerative medicine. The way the facility is organized and functions mirror the vision of his entire life’s work. At the clinic, patients can expect to get a private wellness program tailored to address their specific medical issues. This program includes a detailed medical evaluation, which will, in turn, help the doctor in designing the right care program for the individual.


For a patient to get the result that they expect Johanan Rand treats the aging at its source. This might include modifying their diet intake that may have mounted up over a long period of time. However, this process can be a bit hard to those patients that have tried to lose weight by adjusting their eating habits but have been unsuccessful.


The first step in the patient education program entails teaching the patient about the relationship between the hormonal levels in their bodies and how they are affecting their rate of aging. This education enhances the communication between the doctor and the patient. Johanan Rand is always keen to explain to his patients how the hormonal levels in their bodies change when they continue to age.


Most of the patients who come to the clinic suffer from acute pain which makes Johanan use epidural injections, steroids injection, anti-inflammatory medicines and medical acupuncture. The greater public is assured that Johanan Rand is proficient in utilizing the various treatment methods, thanks to his credentials. Johanan has years of experience in developing methods of weight loss and believes in treating the main cause of a problem instead of the symptoms.


Stansberry Research Offers Some Insightful Reasons Why Walmart’s Stock Is Still A Good Investment

Stansberry Research has a long track record of singling out stocks that perform really well. Recently, the company published some information about Walmart’s stock and how there is still a lot of potential value in it even though it has been decreasing in value. It was way back in October of 2006 when Dan Ferris, editor of Stansberry Research’s “Extreme Value” monthly investment newsletter, said that Walmart was a good stock pick. Readers who followed his advice saw their investment rise by 100% or more over the following years. In 2015, Ferris warned people away from Walmart’s stock, because he was sure that it would declining. He was correct, and it dropped down to as low as %35 of what it had been before in a short time.


Stansberry Research has a history of making the right predictions and has been doing so since its founding in 1999 by Porter Stansberry. Over the course of almost two decades the financial newsletter publisher has built up a subscriber base of over half a million people, and 70,000 of these people have chosen to subscribe to the publication for life. Stansberry ensures that its ranks are full of the highest quality professionals in the industry, and these professionals are given more of a creative kind of freedom than many other stuffy publications that come off as over-authoritative.


Stansberry Research is again proving its unconventional approach by revealing underlying details about Walmart that most people don’t know. It’s understandable that many people are dropping their Walmart shares when the company is expected to have a lower earning year than Wall Street was projecting. Ferris is recommending that people consider giving Walmart a chance because of the fact that their business model is made to stand the test of time. While many people are assuming that online sales will soon be outpacing the sales that are made in a physical store, they are incorrect. In the world today, 90% of sales  States happen in physical store locations. Stansberry Research experts say that the world is actually moving closer to a model where, both, online stores and physical stores will coexist.


Taking A Second Look At Snapchat… A TeenSafe Rundown for Parents!

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you may have heard of them. These websites have become an everyday part of society, especially for teenagers. However, it is now time to add another social media platform to the lineup. This cellular application goes by Snapchat, an instant messaging, photo, and video sharing form of communication. TeenSafe is here to help you understand what it is, how it works, and strategies to keep your teen protected!

Snapchat is a downloadable application for iPhones and Androids. Once downloaded, all you need is an email address and password to begin adding friends, sending pictures and videos, and instant messaging. TeenSafe asked users, ages thirteen to twenty-three, what they mainly use Snapchat for; the answers mainly consisted of sending funny pictures and videos of everyday life. What makes Snapchat unique from the other platforms however is time. The photos and videos have a ten-second viewing limit and then poof! They disappear and become inaccessible to view again, or do they?

At TeenSafe, our mission is to keep the youth of today safe and secure. With any online social media platform, the risks of bullying increase immensely and Snapchat is no different. The time limit of the content has introduced a way for bullies and predators to send inappropriate or hurtful subject matter that can disappear without a trace. There are also reports of using Snapchat to send sexual content. Teenagers are more likely to sext using Snapchat because they believe the pictures or videos disappear. Users have found a way around the short-lived content through screenshots. This has led to multiple instances of blackmail and bullying.


TeenSafe is dedicated to continually providing you with tips to keep your family protected. Snapchat has worked to improve the security of their application. The app allows you to block other users, report inappropriate activity, and keep your account hidden from the public. Hiding your teens account from the public would only allow them to only add friends they knowing trust. With Snapchat privacy settings improving and TeenSafe’s suggestions your teenagers will be guarded against unwanted encounters.

The Success of Custom Companies

Founded in 1986, Custom Companies has been making an impact on the transportation world for quite some time. For more than three decades Custom Companies has provided a broad range of transportation solutions to customers across the globe. This company is committed to providing first rate top of the line service to its customers.


Custom Companies is a full service transportation company that works to help customers with a hands on approach. Located in Northlake, Illinois, Custom Companies offers a large variety of transportation services to the entire country. These services include Domestic and International Air Freight, Logistics Management, Logistics Management, and Full and Partial Truckload Services within North America. Custom Companies also prides itself on using the top of the line equipment. The equipment includes using Dry Vans and Flat Bed Equipment.


Custom Companies prides itself on its unique culture. They could be working with a small mom and pop company or a Fortune 500 company. Custom will treat both companies with the same value. They will work to respond quickly and remain flexible during the process. There are two short phrases that speak to the companies attitude: “Make it Happen” and also “Do it right the first time.” As you walk through their headquarters this attitude is obvious. Words like “Our Culture” are visible throughout the building. The company promotes team spirit among their employees.


Custom Companies has been a leader in the Technology and Transportation space for more than thirty years. The company focuses on the needs and feedback of their valued customers. They have customer focused technology that provides customers with real time information. Some of their key features include Real Time Tracking and Tracing, Detailed Customized Online Reporting, Bill of Lading request and Robust Accounting. The work and success of Custom Companies appears destined to continue for many years to come.


London Real Estate Developer Lee May Of Beamridge Reaches Out To Local Youth

The world of real estate is a high-stakes environment that competitors battling to be first to land big money deals. The industry is home to some of the biggest personalities seen anywhere and one of the most successful of these personalities is real estate developer Lee May of Beamridge.


The life of Lee May not only provides a wealth of instruction not only for his ability to prosper as a real estate developer but also the example he has set for giving back to his community.


There are few cities in the world with a more challenging environment for real estate where Lee May has based its operation. The factors that combine to make London so competitive is that the city has a large urban population but a limited area for development while its high-profile status attracts talented investors and developers from around the world.


In addition to mastering the highly competitive London real estate scene, Lee May has taken the same approach to international real estate markets. In one recent deal, Lee May and Beamridge joined their efforts with a firm in Hong Kong to close on a deal worth 380 million pounds. The deal served to put the world on notice that developers from London were ready to make their presence known in the world real estate community.


The full measure of Lee May cannot be observed completely through his work as, despite the full schedule resulting from his devotion to his real estate career, May never misses a chance to give back to indulge his passion for charitable pursuits.


One particular area of interest for May in his charitable pursuits is the development of the youth. May believes that it is important that members of society assure that all children are provided with the resources to reach their greatest potential.


Lee May is also an avid boxing fan and a practitioner of the sport. He can often be found at local gyms interacting with young trainees in the sport and providing encouragement and advice in life matters.


Lee May and Beamridge have committed considerable financial resources to these youth boxing group and recently planned a 100k race to benefit the Nemesis Boxing Club to the tune of 20,000 pounds.


The Respected Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a respected individual in the field of medicine in Brazil community. His significant impact in the medical fraternity has enabled him to gain recognition and respect in equal measures. Jorge Moll attended the University of Rio de Janeiro with his MD. After he joined the university, he recognized the need of research in neurology, so he completed his residency in neurology before attending Paulo University where he attained his Ph. D in Experimental Pathology. As a result of his educational qualifications, Jorge has been in a position to positively impact the lives of the needy in society. Throughout his life, Moll has always wanted to aid people who are suffering from the adverse medical conditions. To meet his goal, Jorge Moll founded the D Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR), that has enabled him to develop solutions to most significant medical questions.


Recently, Jorge Moll was involved in an interview that main objective was to find out how he found his career path. In the meeting, one of the vital question he was asked was how he found out his career path of becoming the best in the field of medicine. In his response, Jorge Moll essential advice to people is to implement or discard any idea they have immediately rather than waiting for too long. Jorge urges that when people expect too long to apply a sense, they inadvertently deny others something that could be helping them achieve their goals. Besides, another individual could implement the idea and the person who initially ignored the idea may miss out on an entrepreneurial opportunity. During the interview, Jorge Moll was asked where the idea of starting the medical research begun. And he responds by saying that he had a vision of promoting healthcare innovation, education as well as the world-class research in Brazil. Thus his passion and the instant acting on ideas propelled him to be where he is today. In his line of work, Jorge Moll ensures he is productive as much as possible since every action determines the success of his enterprise. Dr. Moll interacts with different categories of individuals such as the students, Researchers, scientists among others.