Gulf Coast Western Tightens Its Grip on the United States Gulf Coast

Joint Ventures Company is a game changer in America’s Oil and Gas energy industry. Also known as Gulf Coast Western, LLC, the company employs its unmatched expertise and technological strategies. The company explores the United States gulf coast region in a big way. It specializes in areas that are not only well developed but also have the right geophysical and geographical combination.

According to the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Fleeger, Joint Ventures looks for the areas that have significant ROI, Return on Investment. Besides, Gulf Coast Western weighs on the risk factors that might hurt both the company and its business partners. Matthew admits that the success attained by the company over the years is not automatic. It depends on its integrity, honesty, respect, and trust towards its partners.

Gulf Coast Western has built a name for itself since it started operating 49 years ago. With its headquarters in Dallas, the company’s wings have spread to Colorado, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Gulf Coast Western made a grand entrance in Southwest Louisiana through collaborating with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration Company. On the other hand, the latter had already acquired Orbit Energy Partners form Lafayette, Louisiana.

The collaboration was a boost to Gulf Western because it acquired the rights to explore 3D seismic data and a massive chunk of productive land. The deal saw the company have access to 140 drilling locations and 13 working wells in Southern Louisiana. Cumulatively, Gulf Western added about 30 million barrels of oil to its portfolio.

The collaboration with the two companies opened doors to the access of more than 1000 square miles of reserves. The areas covered include Beauregard, Evangeline, Acadia, Cameron, St. Landry Parishes, Allen, and Calcasieu. Gulf Coast Western has laid down procedures of engaging more with other partners in the industry for successful expansion strategies.

Steve Lesnard on Marketing Different Sports Brands

Steve Lesnard was initially an executive at the world’s leading athletic brand. He is well versed with how the marketing world of sports operates. He also has extensive experience in the sports sector and is committed to ensuring that brands are elevated. Lesnard has the right tools to help grow a brand regardless of its initial position. He understands the needs of his clients and works hard to ensure that they are satisfied with the product at hand. His decades of experience have provided him with insight into the changing consumer world. He upholds the role of data in technology and business.

Background Information

Therefore, Lesnard values the input of humanity in growing a business. Steve Lesnard was raised in Paris and Corsica. He developed a passion for sports at a tender age. As such, Lesnard played many games as a child. He started learning more about the value of sports when he was a child. He also started implementing the skills in real life. Those skills stayed with him until now. Also, being a son to two responsible parents, Steve Lesnard decided to make integrity as well as hard work the two main values of his life. He has strived for every accomplishment of his life. Steve Lesnard attended a business school situated in France. He studied entrepreneurship in addition to international business. In his time at school, he also upheld his connections to sports. Lesnard was elected to serve as the President of the club. He organized various sports tournaments. Later in the years, he moved to the US for an MBA from the prestigious Babson College.

Work Experience

Lesnard first joined the workforce when he served at Wolford, which is a luxury brand in New York City. Being the director of the company, he led various initiatives such as opening retail stores as well as establishing different brands in North America. He moved to the west coast of the area in order to serve in the sector of sports. Steve Lesnard’s initial role in the sports sector was in marketing where he was the procurement manager. He planned and created products for athletes during winter.

Roseann Bennet’s Therapy Dogs Come To The Rescue


Roseann Bennet Therapist is a certified marriage and family counselor.


She is the co-founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She has a vast experience in mental health and has been in the field for more than 10 years. After observing many families fall apart, she came up with a new and innovative way of helping such families and returning peace to many such homes. She uses dogs, man’s best friend.


BlogWebPedia’s “Roseann Bennett Is Helping Her Clients By Using Canine-Assisted Therapy”, Bennett explained why she wanted to incorporate therapy dogs into her practice, what they can do to improve a client’s life, what breeds make great therapy dogs, and who can benefit from working with them.


It has long been known why dogs are man’s best friend. For instance, there are service dogs which are trained to help the disabled. Roseann also uses trained dogs but not service dogs. She uses therapy dogs. Dogs are also regarded as man’s best friends because of their playfulness and in this way they are very helpful to children.


This sort of practice is what is commonly known as “Canine-Assisted Therapy” and is very successful because it helps relax children who feel understood and accepted by the dogs without any judgment.


Bennett takes from a legacy of great therapists like Elaine Smith who started this program once she noticed a dog helping people it stopped to visit. There is only a certain number of dog breeds who can actually be good at this. These include a wide range from German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Greyhounds, Beagles, Saint Bernards, Pomeranians, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Pugs, to French Bulldogs.


A number of important requirements are considered in the selection of a therapy dog to ensure success. Since the idea is to make children calm the therapy dog should not be jumpy but calm as well. They should have basic obedience training like sit, catch and what have you. A dog that has been chosen for this job has to meet criteria and prove that they are up to the task which is not easy.


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Sharon Prince And Her Grace Farms Design


Sharon Prince is a lover of life and nature. he is the head of Grace Farms Foundation. Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.

Besides her role at Grace Farms, Sharon Prince is on the board at Next Generation Nepal, a charity organization that seeks to reconnect victims of child exploitation with their loved ones.

In Sharon’s bid to help offer the community a sanctuary that would act as a space to engage on matters of community, faith, art and social injustice, she bought an 80-acre plot in Fairfield county and put up a unique community center dubbed Grace Farms.

The building itself is an artistic marvel thanks to the ingenuity of SANAA a Japanese architectural firm. Asked about the idea about the design, Sharon Prince noted that right from the start, they worked hand in hand with SANAA. This, she notes, was a measure that would ensure they create just the right structure as she had envisioned it to be. SANAA worked based on the 35-page program provided by Grace Farms, and this gave them a lot of freedom to exercise their creativity in the process.

The fact that the design of the structure does not feature a front door means that visitors can explore from any angles they so wish. The layout of the whole design has been done with the experience of the visitor in mind.

The structure features a long driveway that goes all the way to the parking lot located just behind the ridge. Then there are paths that lead up to the River Building itself. Just at the top is a 700-seat sanctuary. This sanctuary serves as a space for Sunday service but will play host to a whole lot of other secular activities for the rest of the week. It is from this high point that one can clearly see the meandering ribbon of the roof.

Just after the Sanctuary, there is a library that leads up to the commons where visitors can hang out and eat. Looking at this space, one can only adore the mind behind it that is Sharon Prince. Go To This Page for related information.


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Preparing for the Future at the Academy of Art University

The Academy of Arts sports program at the Academy of Arts University has been compared between the artists and athletes for being very similar. Both artists and athletes have more in common because both groups must complete the same steps that help them prepare for success in sports and their professions. The Academy of Arts sports program, called the “Urban Knights”, began in 2007, and has won 2 NCAA National Championships.

Students in both the art and athletic programs must be able to accept criticism and use this criticism to improve their skills. Time management and organizational skills are also critical to balance their curriculum and everyday life. Students must have communication skills that allow them to listen and hear in order to succeed. A healthy ambition for success in their academic and future profession is essential.

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco and was established in 1929, and is the “largest private art and design university in the nation.” The goal is to prepare students to enter the “fields of art and design.” The Academy of Arts University has open admissions and an admission rate of 100%. This university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of “design, communication and the arts.” Certificate and portfolio programs are also available. The teachers at this institution are professional artists and designers, who have a working knowledge of their industries that are beneficial to their students.

This university offers many opportunities for students to hone their crafts with the tools and knowledge they receive during their education. Students have the opportunity to work “hands-on”, in their chosen fields and gain insight into the actual work and how they can improve themselves.

The Academy of Art University helps to produce students that can succeed in their chosen field, whether is in art and design or athletics by practice and hard work. While this isn’t a “traditional university”, it certainly stacks up to be exceptional.

Sharon Prince Work in Resorting Humanity


Sharon Prince chairs a privately operated foundation called Grace Farm Foundation which she founded in 2009. By engaging people with nature, arts, justice, and community, Sharon hopes to better people’s lives. She has expanded the vision for the foundation by making it a non-profit organization and a public space which can be shared by individuals.


Since it was started, Grace Farm Foundation has become a place for peace and grace for everyone. Sharon Prince has seen the foundation achieve various awards for the contributions it has made on several sectors. These are for instance architectural, the sustainability of the environment and social good.


Sharon Prince has worked through this foundation to eliminate exploitation of children, human trafficking as well as hostility towards women. She aims to eradicate these on all levels. Sharon Prince also participates in a charity organization in Nepal. The commitment of this organization is to unite back children who are victims of exploitation with their families.


While living in America, Sharon Prince experienced its different sides and therefore dedicated her life to serving other people. Sharon Prince commits herself to serve people with great faith that God is always with her. She ensures that all she does to help people is per things that God finds value in. Sharon Prince says that she is committed to creating a family unit that is loving and caring. She believes this will help to create equity and peace in the world.


Creating a public space where people from diverse communities could come together and communicate was the main inspiration for her to form Grace Farms. This was because she believed coming together of different people creates a forum to expand the good in the universe. Access to the foundation is free for all making it accommodating to everyone.


Recently, an article was published entitled “Sharon Prince Grace Farms” which discusses their connection with Crystal Bridges, bringing culture to unexpected places and bringing it up to those who are looking for a better environment where they can pause and reflect is priceless.


Her faith in God gives her inspiration and encourages her to pursue every obstacle. Sharon believes that God will always satisfy her needs and guide her through always.


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How Gino Pozzo’s Scouting-Driven Model Has Led To Football Success

Gino Pozzo was born with football in his blood. Both of his parents, Gianpaolo and Guiliana Pozzo, were passionate about the game. He grew up in Udine, Italy, and was a big fan of the Udinese Calcio football club. He is now the owner of England’s Watford Football Club and is often talked about in the newspapers.

After growing up in Italy, Gino Pozzo moved to the United States for his college education. He earned a master’s degree at Harvard University. He married a Catalan and moved to Barcelona, Spain. 20 years later he moved to London along with his wife and their three kids. This was in 2013, shortly after he had bought Watford Football Club.

His father had been the owner of the Udinese football club, buying them in 1986. His dad owned a tool-making company and used its profits to buy this football club. Gino Pozzo is also involved in real estate and financial mergers. The tool-making company was sold in 2008 so that he could give more of his focus to football.

Gino Pozzo says that managing a football club isn’t, however, his main activity. He really enjoys it, though, and wants to lead the club in the right way. He is seen as a very forward-looking owner who wants to see football succeed even more than it already does across Europe.

He created a scouting-driven model at Watford Football Club. This unique approach has very much paid off as he was able to completely turn the team around. Prior to this, he applied this model at the Udinese team and it was very successful. When his family bought Granada Football Club in 2009 this model also proved itself as the team went from the third division to the prestigious Primera Liga in just two years time.

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Vinod Gupta Rises To The Top


Vinod Gupta has made a name for himself in the world of business thanks to his level-headed style of leadership. His desire to champion advances in technology has placed him a step ahead of his peers. All his work is geared towards improving the industry, and the results can speak for themselves.


Although he was raised in the villages of India, Vinod Gupta is a prime example of not giving up on your dreams. Budding entrepreneurs can take notes from the seasoned who has grown his businesses from nothing to a vast empire. What kept him going over the years?


Vinod Gupta hails from Rampur Manhyaran, a village in India. His parents struggled to get by, but this did not stop him from giving his best in school. He earned a place at I.I.T. Kharagpur where he studied Agricultural Engineering. The Indian Air Force brought him on board in 1964, and he served them for three years and left as a Squadron Leader.


He moved to the US in pursuit of knowledge after the University of Nebraska awarded him a scholarship. He studied business administration at the postgraduate level without a dime to his name. That step was the beginning of great things that would follow. See This Article for additional information.


His first taste of employment came with Commodore Corp in 1971 where he served as a research analyst in the marketing department. At one point he needed to document all mobile home dealers in the country. Vinod Gupta took advantage of the daunting task to cash in on his resilience and impeccable organizational skills. The success of this venture resulted in the establishment of his first company, American Business Lists (ABL). A year later, he resigned from his full-time job to dedicate more time to his business engagements.


ABL experienced tremendous growth in the subsequent years and was later rebranded as infoUSA before going public as infoGroup. Vinod Gupta has maintained his dedication and currently runs Everest Group among other business ventures.


Vinod Gupta has a Medium post titled “My American Dream, And How You Can Dream, Too”, a post that offers insightful information on his struggles and achievements.




Dr. Tim Ioannides Explains How Vitamin D Helps Various Skin Conditions


Medical dermatologist Dr. Tim Ioannides has been helping patients on Florida’s Treasure Coast for the past 15 years. He established Treasure Coast Dermatology which now has multiple locations. Since 1999, he has also been helping train future dermatologists by teaching as a voluntary associate professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine. He teaches reconstructive surgery and dermatological surgery.


In an article with Medical Daily Times, Dr. Ioannides “Explains How Vitamin D Can Help Calm Skin Conditions”. The article discusses why the “sunshine vitamin” is a crucial vitamin for your health while being a cheap treatment that is readily available.


Dr. Tim Ioannides says that getting enough vitamin D is critical to health including that of the skin. He says that a fair number of skin conditions can be improved by people getting more vitamin D whether that’s being out in the sun more or eating foods rich with this vitamin.


Ioannides explained how to identify some common skin conditions. For instance, Dr. Tim Ioannides said that you can see something is psoriasis if your skin has thick, bumpy spots that are red with white scales. Eczema can be identified if your skin is red, itchy, and irritated. Rosacea is a condition that flares up on occasion and causes pimples and redness. This is usually on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose.


Known as the sunshine vitamin, your body manufactures vitamin D when you’re out in the sunlight. Getting enough sun isn’t an option for everyone, though. He recommends food that has a lot of vitamin D which includes both fortified cereals and milk, trout, ham, salmon, and tuna. If you’re overweight you’ll need to eat more of these foods because you need more vitamin D than average-build people. Get Related Information Here.


If you have digestive conditions like celiac disease or Crohn’s disease your body won’t absorb vitamin D all that well, Dr. Tim Ioannides has stated. This can result in a deficiency of this vitamin which means it’s important if you have one of these conditions to get more vitamin D each day than you thought you needed.


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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle With Rick Cofer

Last Summer of 2018, the Residents of Austin were very disappointed and devastated when they found out that the single-use plastic bag ban was rejected by legal procedure. It became controversial since the Texas Supreme Court gave their final decision about it. The city of Austin has vowed to remain committed to the bag ban movement despite what the government may do or say about it. A perfect example of this is Rick Cofer. He continuously helped and spread awareness of the plastic bag ban in Austin.

Rick Cofer is known for being an extensive lawyer with a decade of experience being a prosecutor. He is the owner of the Rick Cofer Law LLC. Cofer has been very active and helpful to the community of Austin for how many years, he is known to serve different roles and has been the Chair of the city of Austin regarding their Zero Waste Commission. He was able to build an ordinance and ban on plastic bags. Today, he handles the role of the Vice Chair of the Parks and Recreation Board of Austin.

Bag Ban in Austin, Texas

The importance of recycling in parks has been emphasized by Rick Cofer Law and has implemented an increase in funding for parks, aquatics, and other lands. According to him, people in the city of Austin never fails to show their values when it comes to preserving the environment. As a criminal defense attorney, he understands all the legal nuances involved and is familiar and informed regarding the issue of plastic littering. The Solid Waste Advisory Commission is currently being served by him after the bag ban development.

Citizens of the city of Austin are concerned and a lawyer just like Rick Cofer started to construct a timeline regarding the bag ban for reports and a helpful tool for past and future events. They continue to make resolutions for single-use plastic bag reduction in order to cut waste. The primary objective to reduce and recycle which is why the city only limits the provided free bags for purchased items, no more and no less. The bags that will be provided are recyclable and reusable paper bags and plastic bags.

Through the use of a timeline, the reports that were shown did not meet the goals and objectives at first. However, there was progress and an increase in reduction of bags which is good. Various retail establishments of Austin are advised to use only a single non-compostable plastic bag. The city of Austin also helps promote reusable cloth bags and washable cloth bags as their alternatives. In addition to this, people also knew that most of the retailers in the city will only comply if and only if it was part of the law.